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    Next step is check the wiring on a home made looking vga to rgb cable, and compare that to my working one. Incase it was that which blew something. I also have a scsi2sd card thing to try out. Then it's time to enjoy some games on it.

    I'm not sure what is extra on the 16mhz Dracula, I noticed that the annoying hidden secret block, which fires a ton of monsters, now runs flawless with no slowdown. Cotton also runs with no slow down.

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    lovely machine, was looking at getting one a while back.Good job

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    Hahaha, I love those stories. For my soldering, I used my Hakko, and after the early struggles I switched from a pointed tip to a small Hakko chisel tip.

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    Spent hours today, trying to get a SCSI2SD working, and no luck. Sodding thing! VGA cable was fine though

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanpeebles View Post
    Yes! Just got the SCSI2SD working!
    Nice! Planning to get one of those for my CPS3 once I get my supergun going.

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    The legendary Bonanza Bros running from SCSI2SD on my XVI at 16mhz.

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    A charming night time flight sim called The Cockpit. It's like the landing games on the Krypton Factor.


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