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    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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    Kingdome come Deliverance is now out, played about an hour but will say probably best to wait, Lots of Bugs, not a fan of the save mechanic (cannot just quick save have to have an item to save) and really inconsistent frame rate will be 60 then drop to sub 20 and had to reduce detail down a lot.
    Stealing what you said in the Steam thread to kick off discussion here. Interested in other peoples experience with the game if anyone has played it. Seems very divisive!

    I'm hooked on KCD. I found most of the problems go away once you get your head around the game a bit. The save thing is not really an issue for me, I still have 2 of the 3 Saviour Schnapps they gave me at the start of the game and I'm about 20 hours in. Game saves for you after anything important and you can find them, buy them and craft them pretty easily. I agree about the performance though, it's a bit of a mess. Playing on PC though, so I can kinda brute force through the drops.

    I'm loving the freedom to level any skills I want, there seem to be a crap load with perks to back them up too. Really though, I enjoy starting out utterly crap at everything. Like if you decide to start a life of thievery, you're gonna get in trouble and caught often until you have some skills/perks and sneakier gear. I'm at the point where I can steal more than I can sell to the Millers, so I'm happy with progress.

    Shooting people in the head with a bow (no target reticule!) then drawing swords on whoever is left, feels so good!

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    And low and behold some mods have come out

    The saving anytime will be the one i get

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    Well in my last session I had a crash to desktop, so I can see the problems with the save system now lol. Lost about 40 minutes and all the skillups and NPC interactions gone. You meet alot of random people on the roads, that might not appear again if you have to reload from earlier. Don't want to have to install a mod though, I really enjoy the risk/reward balance the current save system brings to the game.


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