Dandara is a metroidvania-soulsborne game, instead of walking/running you can only jump between floors, walls and the ceiling, you do this via right stick to aim and A to jump towards the highlighted spot, you basically stick to salt surfaces like a crazy Spider-woman.

Now there’s a lot of salt in the game, salt is the currency you collect throughout by killing enemies and bosses, you need this to upgrade you health and abilities, of course you carry salt as you go through the levels but if you die you lose your salt and have to retrieve it from where you died.

There are camps which act as save points/upgrade sites, these camps will also reload all enemies on the map, so you can grind around the level if you want to upgrade a bit. I think the total FULL upgrade cost is around 60,000, every time you upgrade one item it costs more to upgrade it next time.

You have an open map which you are free to explore, some areas are a bit more difficult and some require unlocks to progress. My main completion time was 15 hours 100% map and 100% items, really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it.