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    Quote Originally Posted by Team Andromeda View Post
    Will it make the BluRay all region too ?
    That would be ace if it did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
    That would be ace if it did.
    Thinking the same. Would be my reason to do it tbh.

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    I'm with replicashooter in that I stay offline.

    Problem for me is it seems complicated, I had no problems getting my head around CFW on the PSP and even making a Pandora battery and magic Memory Stick.

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    It's supposed to be quite simple really as most of it is handled via the site. Only around a half dozen steps or so now but I haven't done it yet as I'm waiting for the super slim version but given the acumen of some folks that have done it I wouldn't say it will be too daunting.

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    I'm in no particular rush, will happily wait for it to mature and the process become easier if it is actually difficult. lol

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    All Phats and most Slims are downgradable via this method currently so it's quite refined and battle tested, just the later machines had an issue because they came with firmware >3.60 and that is what this bit of info is about because you need to roll back to 3.55 before updating to cfw.

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    Great stuff, looking forward to seeing how it all shakes out.

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    One step closer:
    About the Video >>>:Tested on CECHE01 w/ OFW 4.82
    1. Verifying the firmware is the latest OFW,
    2. Downloading a demo PS3 game from PSN
    3. Running the original
    4. Enabling IPF [install Package Files]
    5. Verifying the mod content cannot be installed
    6. HAXing it to allow custom PKG
    7. Installing the custom mod
    8. Running the modded content.

    What will this future exploit provide?

    • "Install PKG Files" unlocked on XMB (Retail / Debug PKGs,) *No PS3 Homebrew Support
    • PS1 Emulator Support
    • PS2 Emulator Support
    • PSP Emulator Support
    • PS3 Backup Support (Convert your PS3 Game to Digital PKG - npdrm* (requires game update for disc game backups to work))
    • New Resigning Tools

    What you need to know about the legacy PlayStation emulators?

    • PS1 emulation is very good on the PS3, most games will play fine
    • Ps2 emulation is hit and miss on the PS3 (slightly more then half PS2 titles will work fine)
    • PsP emulation is roughly about a 40% success rate for the PS3
    • PS3 Backups - Require a Game Update

    The lack of homebrew is a bit boo-urns but the rest of the stuff is quite welcome. Should be released in March and it looks like there is more faff on involved with ripping discs to the HD than with a proper CFW but at least we can install PKGs of games.

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    Apparently you will require an activated console with a throwaway PSN account and the exploit for SuperSlims will run on 4.82 so best to update now and create that account as it will work by using the activation file Sony generates on your drive (psn account->account management->activate system for games)

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    JP SuperSlim on 4.82 here, will be keeping my eye on this!

    Mind you, if Sony releases 4.83 and I can't use Netflix/etc without updating then I'll have to sit this one out. My PS3 is mainly for Netflix/Hulu/Amazon and the lack of homebrew support makes it much less interesting.

    I have around fifty games installed(probably around 70-80 actual purchases across all my accounts) so until I can play something brilliant like Outrun Online I'll just enjoy my backlog.


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