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    definitive Double Dragon

    i am a big beat em up fan, and was hoping to get back into retro beat em ups.

    can you suggest your favourite Double Dragon game, and on which system?

    NES Double Dragon 2 for me does it every time

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    DD2 on NES and Super Double Dragon for SNES anyday!

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    I played Double Dragon II on the NES again just last week. The fighting is great, mostly, but those platforming sections really let the game down.

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    DD1 for the SMS was always my favorite. I could 1CC it every time back in my youth.

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    Sure the original arcade version has to be the best, that said the second one on NES was a great adaptation of the arcade game and also a better game.

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    the PC Engine is the best home version

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    In the UK the arcade board that most people own is Double Dragon. (it's everywhere on EBay here). It's definitely the best version. Although tbh the coding isn't that great and it has some noticeable slowdown. (The creator claims the game was too advanced for the hardware but that's a lie to disguise shoddy coding) Bootleg versions often use faster processors and reduce slowdown.

    I used to play the mono-Gameboy version loads. It was great for what it was. So probably my favourite home version. I never owned another system (apart from Speccy) that had a conversion.

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    I’m glad they used the power of the Neo Geo to make yet another 1on1 fighter instead of a potentially legendary version of the Double Dragon scrolling beat ‘em up...

    I remember having DD on the Gameboy and playing the hell out of it. The local bowling alley used to have a DD2 cabinet over by the loos, next to Ghouls & Ghosts and Final Fight. Most of my 20p’s went into Final Fight.

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    We had double dragon in the pub. That and a fruit machine. Happy days .


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