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    I thought the Eccleston and Tennant's runs were really good.
    Matt Smith's also had its moments and I thought Amy Pond and Clara Oswald were interesting characters too and the Doctor needs somebody interesting to bounce off.

    Totally lost interest somewhere in Capaldi's run and I haven't got back into it.
    It used to be "must-see" telly in our house, so it's a real shame.

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    Actually, I should mention that Christopher Eccleston has just said that he suffered from depression and anxiety and considered suicide during his time on "Doctor Who" and "The A Word" and is on antidepressants.

    Hats off to him for opening up about it and getting something done in the first place and I'm glad mental health is getting more exposure these days:

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    All three era's are great. There's some overly cheesy and childish eps in there but broadly they're great runs and I keenly add Smith to that as I think there was a real weight to his era where the shadow of Tennant cast darkly over him but rewatching those Smith seasons in later years has really lifted them. Capaldi and Whittaker though, well today is a reminder I need to finish rewatching Whittakers latest season but yeah - the show isn't what it was.


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