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    Actually, in the space of about two minutes and three posts, I've entirely reversed my opinion on the matter.


    Yknaaarwhuuuuurmean??? Boo hoo pal you earnt ya dosh being northern on telly, six or seven figs mate?

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    It's something I struggle with, Jazz.

    People need to remember that celebrities have feelings too and respect some personal boundaries.
    Treat others as you'd like to be treated.

    However, I do get annoyed at actors moaning about their day jobs, when it's normally getting paid handsomely for playing Let's Pretend.

    I imagine working on G.I. Joe wasn't as bad as doing a zero hour contract at Poundland and going back to a bedsit on the rough side of town because that's all you can afford to rent.

    Get some perspective, you bloody luvvie.

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    I think the venom we spit at actors plays a not-insignificant role(pun intended) in their issues.

    The fact that we often think acting is just reading lines shows how little we understand the art. I used to think that good actors were just better at remembering their lines and faking emotions until recently: I was watching a behind-the-scenes clip of a Walking Dead episode(series 7 episode 1, where Negan teaches Rick about leadership) and the director said he wondered where Andrew Lincoln had to dig to bring out the necessary emotions and I gained a little more understanding.

    We expect higher salaries for jobs that involve higher levels of physical/mental activity(e.g. athletes) so if an actor is highly paid because of the physical/mental stress they go through during filming, that sounds about right.

    Not to mention, actors are usually on zero-hour contracts, so if he was having a hard time during Thor 2: Thored out or Action Force, he might resent the work more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randombs View Post
    Not to mention, actors are usually on zero-hour contracts, so if he was having a hard time during Thor 2: Thored out or Action Force, he might resent the work more.
    Are you saying that Ecclestone was working on those movies for free because of some Government back-to-work scheme?

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    You'd think a clever guy like him would realise something was up when the 'sound stage' turned out to be a Sports Direct warehouse

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    Took a little digging but I think this count is right:

    Series 01 - 4 Strong Episodes
    Series 02 - 2 Strong Episodes
    Series 03 - 3 Strong Episodes
    Series 04 - 8 Strong Episodes

    After a break I've started watching Series 5 and straight out the gate, separate from the impression of the changes it brought at the time, it's much better than I remember.

    -The Eleventh Hour-

    Complete with it's title that undermines the later chronology nonsense Moffatt would pull, out intro to Matt Smith see's him hit the ground running in the role. There remains something solid about the direction of this episode despite the simplistic storyline, it's solid stuff though, pacing its introductions well and leaving a positive impression for both the new Doctor and Amy.

    -The Beast Below-
    This is again a solid episode, it toys with a proper moral quandary but never goes with it in the same way that Fires of Pompeii did. Broadly it's quite a standard run of the mill episode but it keeps events moving briskly and remains and easy view.

    -Victory of the Daleks-
    By this point the sense of event surrounding the Daleks had lessened and coming off the back of their big scale storyline in the previous season this one feels a bit like going through the motions. The WWII setting is nice and it's also good that the Doctor is as on it as the viewer is in knowing how things will mostly pan out. You get the big reveal of the updated Daleks that went down like a lead balloon and they remain weak and cheap looking, unsurprising in how the show was quick to sideline them, but this episode continued something else that was more note worthy. For the third time in a row, Amy is instrumental in saving the day in a way that is clever and key but not in a way that the Doctor would be expected to do himself. It really pays off the idea of him opening himself to a companion again and in balancing out the two new roles.

    -The Time of Angels-
    The first of a two parter see's River Song return for her second outing with a lot of future plot teasing. Hunting down a Weeping Angel on a planet crash site, the episode maintains a solid pace but immediately to once again get the sense that this isn't really the best setting for the Angels and repeated use waters down their appeal.

    -Flesh and Stone-

    The second parter ramps up the threat for Amy and gives Matt a good run of situations to demonstrate how his version of the Doctor see's and manages events. That one slightly vague talking scene between the Doctor and Amy works better on revisit as well knowing how it actually fits into the series arc. There are moments where this could take the first claim of a Strong Episode award but it never quite elevates itself to that level and is utterly gut punched in the final three minutes when they get home and Amy suddenly turns to trying to sexually assault the Doctor taking a carefully managed tone and killing it and her character stone cold dead in the sake of a cheap set up for the next episodes opening joke.

    Series 05 - 0 Strong Episodes so far

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    I recently found out my grandma was in an episode of the very first series of Doctor Who. Apparently her part involved walking in and handing the Doctor something, then walking out.

    Not sure I could stomach going through the 40-or-so episodes to find her, especially knowing some episodes are lost.

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    That would be too cool a thing not to try going through them

    -The Vampires of Venice-
    Very bog standard episode this one that follows a very run of the mill formula and is only really notable for being the point where Rory is properly brought into the fold.

    Series 01 - 4 Strong Episodes
    Series 02 - 2 Strong Episodes
    Series 03 - 3 Strong Episodes
    Series 04 - 8 Strong Episodes
    Series 05 - 0 Strong Episodes so far

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    -Amy's Choice-
    The Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves flitting between two realities not knowing which is real and which is not. This is another one on this run of episodes that is very easy going to watch. It's pacey and fairly light with a couple of key moments. It never hits heights but continues the series long theme of the show being incredibly consistent.

    -The Hungry Earth-
    The second two parter begins with this part one episode which see's movement underground in a deep dig site. I remember this being a bit of a meh two parter back when it aired and it remains the same, the pacing is always too slow and the Silurians are pretty dull characters.

    Series 01 - 4 Strong Episodes
    Series 02 - 2 Strong Episodes
    Series 03 - 3 Strong Episodes
    Series 04 - 8 Strong Episodes
    Series 05 - 0 Strong Episodes so far

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    We finally got through the complete modern run, completing the circle with the end of the Tennant run. The Tennant ending was absolutely superb. Very emotional and beautiful in the way it truly embraced it as an ending even though of course the show continues. They allowed so much to wrap up and conclude, with a lot of goodbyes. Cribbins was brilliant. He’s adorable. Of the modern Doctors, I think Tennant is my favourite by quite a large margin.


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