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    I've been watching Season 18, which was Tom Baker's final. Bit of a mixed bag really ... starts off with a few weak stories before State of Decay arrives which was brilliant. I'm currently on the story after that (Warriors' Gate) which has almost Lynch levels of insanity and complexity. What's great about this stint is the chemistry between The Doctor and companion Romana. I didn't know until watching the extras that they got married while working on the show together. She might be my favourite companion so far ... they just work so well together.

    On the downside you can tell the show is gearing up for changes across the board, and the arrival of annoying companion Adric hammers that home. Also, Tom looks like he's ready to move on. Not the best season but not a disaster either.

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    After season 18 I moved onto Season 10. Never seen any Pertwee era before and I think it's brilliant. Pertwee is a great Doctor and the show has a wonderful 60s vibe. Currently on Carnival of Monsters ... the story is quality

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    Word is that the BBC was just about able to complete filming on the 2020 Christmas Special episode titled Revolution of the Daleks

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    The Collection Season 14 available again for a limited time (sold out mega quick first time)


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