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    Yeah I have the Police Squad series DVD and I love it. It’s quite special.

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    Finally finished series 2 of Into the Badlands. Wow excellent 2nd series. Nick Frost unexpectedly great. I reckon his martial arts was better than the kid in Iron Fist. 100% serious.

    Great production values and visually wow ; hats off to the DP outstanding light and colour. Looks shamaze on even my low end 4k telly

    Cannot wait for season 3.

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    I'm so glad someone else has watched it!

    If it was just a series of punch ups, it would be fun but empty, but each episode has a monumental fight that actually means something.

    Fantastic television.
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    The Keepers
    Finished the show last night, the last few episodes mostly dedicate themselves to detailing the wider network of people affected or mentioned in the school abuse stories or Cathy's murder. It's an incredibly depressing tale that at best shows the Baltimore Police and FBI to be incompetent and/or negligent in dealing with the investigation and the Catholic Church to be an institution of the most vilest and cruellest order. I'm very doubtful that the likely hundreds of victims will ever find the closure to their experiences and Cathy's murder that they're seeking however the show paints a picture whereby the likely events and complicit individuals involved are pieced together in a way that it seems unlikely that they're wrong in their assessment in the circumstances of what happened, how and why. A very stomach turning and sad tale for the victims and one that can't help but give a dim view of life in the 60's and 70's along with utter distain for the Church.

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    -Marvel's Runaways-
    Well, do you know what? I expected little considering the rather dire state of the MCU TV output and this being teen-90210 esque focused but what starts out that way soon finds its footing and is a solid little run. So far, only DD S1 and JJ S1 are better for me from the one's I've caught up on. The show follows 5-6 teens who have grown apart following the death of a friend two years ago. Circumstances on the anniversary of the death lead to them meeting together one night where they stumble upon some kind of ritual sacrifice their parents are carrying out. The set up is simple and you kind of know where it's going but the show is only 10 episodes and it tries hard not to paint any character as being outright evil which keeps everyone feeling quite rounded. Pleasantly surprised.

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    -Jean Claude Van Johnson-
    Finished the show and it was a very up and down experience but in the end it won me over by starting to learn when to ease off the humour and to add some semblance of character development. It ends on an absolutely ridiculous cliffhanger that will never be resolved thanks to its cancellation but the self-referencing humour never grew old including the running gags about Time Cop. Would have worked well as a trimmed down DVD movie instead probably which I know runs the lines of JCVD, it's inspiration.

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    HBO have a new TV show called Barry

    It's actually quite funny and good, story is set around a contract hitman called Barry played by Bill Hader, he is given a job to kill a guy and ends up going to an acting class with him and it evolves from there

    Only two episodes so far but I think it could be fantastic

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    -Stargate: Origins-
    It does well even though it clearly had a tiny budget and the total 10 ep runtime only hits around 1hr 10m. It just about holds up, it is more fan fluff than anything else as it doesn't lead into a series more just force a prequel tale where one wasn't required. It's very rough but a nice throwback. If they ever return to the series though it's clearly better to either revive Universe or reboot it all again as the ideas well is quite dry for this canon.

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    -The Defenders-
    Sweet jesus is Marvels TV output in decline. The fact that this is supposed to be the initial culmination of Netflix's MCU output is embarrassing, just an utter waste of screen time that builds from nothing, passes without event unless you love people talking in blue tinged rooms and then closes having affected nothing.

    -Jessica Jones: Season 2-
    We're a few episodes in on this, following up on one of the few decent seasons Netflix has managed, and so far it's flagging already. At this point I'm struggling to see why they find this so hard. Budget can't be that much of an issue given what they throw around on other series ut they're definitely making too many shows with too few ideas. We only have Punisher left after this to catch up with but as things stand we're increasingly looking at dropping pretty much every MCU series there is bar one or two non-Netflix ones.

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    -Jessica Jones: Season 2-
    The back end managed to pick things up, though I didn't care much for the token Tennant cameo. It was an alright arc in the end though the show is risking ruining all its characters if it doesn't throw some light in amongst the sea of dark it's creating.

    -True Horror-

    Channel 4's series where supposed real life people are interviewed about their tales of hauntings and possession amidst acted out recreations of the events. I'm admittedly not a believer but jesus, awful. Nonsensical BS from a family who lack an imagination. Still have to see the end but the tale seems to be that their electricity bill was higher than they expected and therefore the husband had to suffer the same events of Amityville


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