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    Games, Soundtrack CDs, Books

    Prices include shipping unless stated.
    Payment via bank transfer preferred.*
    Photos can be sent via email.*
    Listed elsewhere.


    SNES/SFC 6 game sports bundle: 2x UK PAL carts (NHLPA Hockey 93 & Super Soccer) 4x JP SFC carts (Super Formation Soccer II, Super Tennis, J-League Super Soccer, Dolucky's A-League Soccer) all cart only, some have yellowing. 10 the lot

    NBA Jam Tournament Edition UK SNES. Box manual and cart all in very good condition. 20

    Rock N Roll Racing US SNES average condition. Box a bit worn and squashed. No manual. 20

    Pilotwings US SNES. Box a little bit tatty and*squashed, but in one piece. Manual and insert excellent. Small tear on rear cart label. 20

    Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy's Kong Quest US SNES cart only 15

    Super Smash TV US SNES cart only 15

    Yoshi's Island US SNES cart only 25

    Super Punch-Out! US SNES very good condition. A little wear to box. Cart and manual are excellent. 65

    Cybernator UK SNES very good condition. Light wear to box. Everything else is excellent. 35*

    Axelay*JP SFC/SNES average condition. Box is worn but undamaged structurally. Manual is a bit wrinkled and the corners are bent. The cart has a few grubby marks. There's a Konami promo insert included. One for the players rather than the collectors. 35*

    Arkanoid Doh It Again JP SFC/SNES very good condition. Light wear to box edges. Cart still in baggie. Manual and inserts in excellent shape. 18*

    Astro Go! Go! JP SFC/SNES good condition. Fun little mode 7 racing game! Box has wear to edges and a few creases. Manual also has creases. Inserts are included. 10*

    Side Pocket UK SNES cart only. Rare apparently! 35

    Super Mario All-Stars & Super Mario World UK SNES cart only 20

    Outrun 2 Coast to Coast SEGA PC DVD-ROM very good condition 12

    Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed UK Wii-U, like new condition. 10

    Game Music / Soundtracks / Chiptune CDs

    Castlevania Chronicles Akumajo Dracula (KMCA 104-5) VG+ with obi-strip. 2xCD set includes the PS1 arrange version and 3 different versions of the original Sharp X68000 soundtrack. 25

    Night Striker Complete Album by Zuntata (PCCB-00119) VG with reg card. 20

    YMCK - Family Music (USG-008) VG+ with obi-strip. Japanese Jazz and Bossa-Nova chiptunes with catchy vocals. 10

    SEGA presents Club Saturn (BDR CD17) G+ condition. Originally came with a demo disc but that is not included. Plenty of house, techno and jungle remixes from some big names in underground dance music*though! Details*HERE. 5

    Wipeout The Music (SONY TV 6 CD 31-481119-10) 3

    Wipeout 2097 The Soundtrack (CDV2815) VG+ all the best tunes from the game plus more. 3

    Wip3out The Music (Arcade magazine covermount) DJ Mix featuring tunes from Wipeout 3. 3

    Saturn Power No. 3 "Block-Rocking Beats" audio cd - magazine cover mount cd featuring tracks from various Sega Saturn games. Full details*HERE. Plenty of marks on the disc surface but plays fine. 3

    Gaming Related Items

    Ecstasy of Order - The Tetris Masters DVD, like new condition (watched once). Region Free with plenty of bonus content as well as the main documentary. 10

    Phantasy Star Online Episode III (3) C.A.R.D Revolution - Prima's Official Strategy*Guide, like new condition. *15

    Hardcore Gaming 101 presents Sega Arcade Classics Volume 1 book (full colour). 15

    Zelda Hyrule Historia hardback book, very good condition. 15*

    Gamer Monopoly (Nintendo characters)*brand new in box. 20** *

    Mortal Kombat Annihilation DVD UK Region 2. 1.50 *

    Dreamcast Worlds A Design History
    2013 crowd funded book written by Zoya Street (Rupazero).
    Covers the Dreamcast console and 3 games: Shenmue, Phantasy Star Online and Skies of Arcadia.
    Pre-ordered from indiegogo myself in 2013, read once and carefully stored on the shelf since.
    Excellent condition hardback book with slip cover.
    Was 20 now 15 delivered in the UK.
    PM with interest please.
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    Big update - Games, Soundtrack Cds and Books added.
    (topic was originally just Dreamcast Worlds book).


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