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    The Pro is just ugly as is. Fancy dresses like this just highlight that.

    *awaits the Battenburg edition*

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    Making more than just my Spidey sense tingle!!

    Release date reveal today.
    @Colin I think you'll like this.

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    Meh. It looks like a thousand other games with added webs.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    Looks alright, pretty much like I'd imagine a modern day version of PS2's Spider-Man 2 to look.

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    Insomniac have made a few games I’ve quite liked, so I’d personally be happy to give it a bash.

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    Looks nice. I think my kids will like that.

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    Well looks like my pro is f****d already. Itís making a horrible grinding sound when the fans ramp up. I would say the fan bearings have gone and the peices are grinding around.
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    Sony is projecting software sales ot increase this coming year but hardware sales to finally begin to slow down. Total shipped are circling 79m currently with Sony expecting to shift another 16m by the end of next March. This means the PS4 is closing in on surpassing the PS3 and on course for the 100m club.


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