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    Quote Originally Posted by Team Andromeda View Post
    Not really, all Arcade games copied each other and went with what was popular, so to single SNK for doing what Capcom, Namco or SEGA did was a bit silly.
    True. And it was great for us as players/consumers that these companies all provided such strong competition for each other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dataDave View Post
    The only difference being that SNK were never as established or popular in the Western arcades.
    Depends which Western arcades you are referring to. I travelled quite extensively in Latin America during the early noughties, and in particular Mexico and Brazil still had thriving arcade communities. Id say 80-90% of the machines in those arcades were NeoGeo titles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by replicashooter View Post
    Alas its games are a bit pish though.
    How dare you


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