Hi all,

About to pick up my first Dino King for a GroovyMAME conversion. While I'm fart-arsing about with MAME, the plan was just to hook a Pi3 up in the first instance that I currently have running at 240p through my PVMS. I've got both RGB-Pi with a custom Recalbox install and Pi2Scart with a custom RetroPi setup. RGB-Pi seems to be the superior of the two, switching resolutions on the fly and having a nicer GUI. However, RGB-Pi has a male SCART lead and I noticed the Dino King has a male VGA lead, in this instance to connect them could I use something like a reverse UMSA ? Essentially I need some sort of 'bridge' between the two. It's been a while, but I think I need to make the CYNC from SCART match the HSYNC to VGA, and match up the R,G,B and GND - just wondered if this sounds right, or if it's even possible?

Many thanks