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    Amazon is said to be considering a three season long adaptation of the Chinese sci-fi novel Rememberance of Earth's Past

    The show would cost Amazon $1bn to produce.

    It surely has to be a concern as to how much money streaming sites are spending now on individual shows. Just seems wasteful.

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    It shows how wealthy they are as these shows are essentially tax write offs for amazon. I knew when netflix baulked at the price for Seinfeld, which could be a major coup for any service. Next thing we knew, it was all on Amazon Prime with very little fanfare.

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    Amazon apparently has a maximum of two years to get the Lord of the Rings series into production, the $1bn minimum show also has a minimum run length contractually of five seasons.

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    Season 1 of Jack Ryan doesn't start till end of August but Amazon has just renewed it for Season 2

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    You're Grandma is probably setting up her own streaming service, so common are they becoming and Warner's is working on one for a DC based service that will irritatingly be called DC Universe. The new off the ground is Swamp Thing, executively produced by James Wan and live action, which will join Titans if it moves to screens.

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    Warners Bros. Digital Networks Machinima is a studio focused on making live action adaptations of gaming ip for digital platforms. The studio is already working on reboots of Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil however it's now been confirmed that their first feature film will be an adaptation of F.E.A.R

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    The upcoming new DCU streaming service is already getting its third superhero show, this time Doom Patrol. The show will be a spin-off of the still unaired Titans show.

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    DC have confirmed their new streaming service will include series and movies covering decades of their content alongside new series made for the service in addition to digital comics, a merchandise store front and a DC Encyclopedia.

    The Beta will launch this August and they've released the first image of Robin from the series Titans series.

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    First trailer for DCU channels Titans:


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