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    Disney have officially greenlit the Gaston musical Beauty and the Beast prequel series for eight episodes, the show being live action and set before the more recent live action remake rather than the vastly superior animated feature.

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    Sounds like Peter Jackson's Beatles doc Get Back has evolved from a standalone feature length release into a six hour series on Disney Plus. This is great news. The more the better. Coming November. Can't wait.

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    Am I surprised that Peter Jackson can't edit something down to movie length?

    I am not.

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    I'm not doing six hours of that, but if doesn't call Lennon out then it isn't worth six minutes of attention

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    As the second run closes Hulu has greenlit Solar Opposites: Season 04
    Given how the original ended up launching its unclear if a cinema release would be on the cards but a sequel to Scoob! is in the works

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    The first trailer for Turner and Hooch on Disney+

    Edit - So... it's Turner and Hooch except Turner and Hooch are both dead.
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    So the horror anthology series American Horror Story, that took multiple awards for anthology storytelling in its first year then went on to turn out not to be an anthology because it started referring to and even directly continuing previous seasons, is ready to launch a spin-off after ten seasons with a genius twist concept and an equally ingenious name - American Horror Stories

    This new show will instead... tell anthology stories... sold, it seems, on the promise of, umm, referring to and continuing off past season storylines *sigh*

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    Hawley confirms that his Alien series won't go near Ripley and will be set on Earth. It will start filming at Easter 2022 with a theme focused on inequality
    Whilst Theron has confirmed at that time they will be filming Netflix's The Old Guard II

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