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    Ah okay, yes. Sorry, I thought you meant it just vanished after SH2 but I had misread your post. Yes, you're right. After Team Silent left it didn't seem to come up again.

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    The disbanding of Team Silent is another one of those legendary decisions Konami is so good at that shows their incompetence.

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    I missed the first game, but I loved Silent Hill 2. Really intriguing storyline open to different interpretations, I played through the whole thing over one weekend, which is not like me! I guess you could argue that the gameplay was a bit lacking; it was usually better to just run around the monsters and I seem to remember lots of corridors with door after door of broken locks, but I didn't matter to me at the time. It also looked great!

    I was slightly disappointed by Silent Hill 3 because the storyline seemed much more straight forward and literal (and having not played the first game, the connections to the past didn't excite me!)

    I think they were back on form with Silent Hill 4. I loved the atmosphere of the room, how you could see your neighbour casually sweeping the landing outside whilst you were locked inside this hellish apartment that got more and more warped as time went on. I didn't even mind re-doing some of the environments, as I seem to remember feeling it fit with the story line (was it something to do with someone's memories of their troubled past?), and that they were much more brief the second time around.

    I played Homecoming, but it just seemed too Americanised. Less about atmosphere and more monsters and gore. I did enjoy Shattered Memories, however (which not owning a Wii at the time, I played on the PS2). Again Shattered Memories wasn't perfect gameplay-wise, but it had atmosphere, and told an interesting story, with a nice twist that would change the characters (and ending) based on your actions.

    They won me back again with PT. It's amazing how much atmosphere there was just walking down the same corridor again and again. It had me holding my first-person-back to the wall for fear there was something behind me! Real shame it was cancelled, as it looked like being a return to form.
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    Something which doesn’t get enough love is the separate difficulties for combat and puzzles- brilliant for replays when combined with the different/dynamic endings.

    3 is actually less literal than you think upon replaying. Vincent’s brilliant line opening the whole thing up to interpretation.

    Look up TwinPerfect on YouTube for their series “The Real Silent Hill Experience”. Their attempts at humour are awful, and they sometimes are a little too “we are definitively right!!”, but their coverage and detail of every aspect of Silent Hill is second to none.

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    Homecoming is really the only one I never tried to have a real crack at, I think I played a short section or a demo and it left me cold. I struggled with Shattered Memories too, it was the chase sequences that lost me as I didn't find them enjoyable at all.

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    It was ****e, you’re missing nothing. They basically copied Saw of all things, a lot of scenes being shot for shot the same.

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    That sounds awful, one of SH's strengths is there's very little need for actual violent content because the tone and narrative are enough to put you on edge.

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    I reeeeeeally liked Downpour. I know it is aping SH2 story wise rather than doing something unique and the characters are all unlikable but I found exploring the town to be really creepy and atmospheric. The pyramid head stand in was poor and the enemies were weak designs but exploring the open world parts of it were really tense and enjoyable.

    I recently played through Silent Hill 2 after starting it a number of times but never finishing it. Fantastic exploration and story that isn't served to you on a plate. Now I've got my PS1 hooked up, SH1 is next on my list followed by 3 and 4.

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    Something that really needs a mention in this thread is the music. Akira Yamaoka creates something pretty incredible with the Silent Hill soundtracks. The audio alone is a large part of what makes the first game so scary and gives the series its eerie atmosphere. The industrial noise stuff really gets under your skin but the more musical stuff can be hauntingly beautiful.

    I remember thinking it was really odd that the soundtrack CD to the first game was built around the scary noise stuff and left out much of the more musical cues. Who would just pop that on for a nice listen?! But the second game’s OST is a masterpiece even without the game. It’s an incredible album. And aside from a couple of dodgy male vocal tracks somewhere (SH4 maybe?) the music was consistently brilliant up until his exit. The Shattered Memories pieces are particularly beautiful. Full of loneliness.

    I have no idea what the music was like after he left the series but every soundtrack he contributed was a gift.

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    It's another sign of the strengths of the series that the original film tried to take as much as it could from them and was, for once, stronger for doing so. Less said about the sequel though...

    Clue for next time:

    You can choose your opponent but you can't choose your family


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