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    Retro consoles that you won't go back to

    When it comes to retro gaming, I think we all have different motivations for liking the things we like. Some of us like games (or ports of games) which are objectively sub-optimal, perhaps because of nostalgia for a certain console or time of our lives when we played them.

    I really like the Saturn, despite the fact that today, it presents some problems. It looks dreadful without an decent scaler on modern TVs, the UK version was plagued with PAL/NTSC issues, many of the games haven't aged well and some that have (such as the major 2D fighters) later got re-releases on other consoles. I have Virtua Fighter 2 and Daytona USA on my PS3, which eclipse the Saturn versions in every measurable way, but I still have a soft spot for those (in Daytona's case, janky) ports. I don't own one, but I could forsee, if I was a lottery winner or something, that I would have one, with a big collection of games.

    However, not so with the Mega-CD. I wanted one as a kid, and played a great deal on one that belonged to a friend. There were some stand-out games I recall playing, like Thunderhawk and Soulstar - but even if I was a lottery winner, I wouldn't have one. I just feel the machine was too flawed, and I'm simply not going to live long enough to have time to ever re-visit it. To me, the Mega-CD has faded into obscurity and if I was given one, I would look to sell it right away.

    And this is a real dual-standard! I mean you might argue that one is better than the other but certainly both had some games worth playing. I just associate the Saturn with my early teenage years and my love of Sega's early 3D arcade output, but the Mega-CD just makes me think of grainy versions of Road Avenger.

    So given this, are there any consoles that you simply would not go back to? Why?

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    Atari 2600 and Spectrum (which i know is not a console)

    To be honest even during the late 80s early 90s I was not a fan of them as even when the Nes and master system were a thing the games looked dated.

    With the Spectrum i played a lot of arcade ports such as R-type but when i came across the arcade version i then realized how limted the spectrum was

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    Quote Originally Posted by eastyy View Post
    With the Spectrum i played a lot of arcade ports such as R-type but when i came across the arcade version i then realized how limted the spectrum was
    Yeah; I will admit - I started off my gaming life with an Amstrad CPC464, but @Yakumo's videos have proven that evidently 4-year-old me was easy to please. I got a Megadrive for my 10th birthday, which was something I had wanted for a long time while using my dad's work Amiga for a few years.

    As a result, I find anything pre-Megadrive difficult to go back to, though I'll make an exception for the NES and original Game Boy.

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    I think the cut off point depends on age and exposure to these old systems. I bought a 2600 about 15 years ago expecting waves of warm nostalgia but instead found it disappointing. The games are so basic in mechanics let alone visually they are hard to return to. And thatís from someone who mainly plays shmups and platform games.
    The low resolution of a lot of PC Engine and SFC games is off putting on a larger modern screen but the mechanics are there to keep me interested most of the time.
    Good 2d pixel art is timeless but the janky 3D of the transition consoles (3DO, Jag, Saturn and PlayStation) is getting harder to go back to these days as well.

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    I really need to sell mine.

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    Anything before the 16bit era with the only exception being the PC Engine which is 8 bit on paper but puts many 16bit consoles to shame to be honest.

    On another note:

    N64: Only for Mario 64.

    On the opposite side I have Neo Geo. The games still look and sound amazing after all this years. So much longevity in games like Windjammers, Samurai Shodown II, Garou, Fatal Fury Special, Metal Slug, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anpanman View Post
    I accidentally liked this post You have your reasons of course, but for me:

    Gamecube has some of the best Mario Party games, so I've been playing that a lot this year, with the family. Replayed Luigi's Mansion which has aged very nicely - I think it's still better than the sequel.

    SNES, I can never get bored of this system - if I had to choose one console, it would be the SNES. Such a wonderful library.

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    Of all the GameCube games you could list, you had to go for Mario Party...

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    CDI? The one game I truly liked on it was Palm Springs Open but after grabbing the ISO and trying it a few weeks back I realised even that was pants and I was probably just reaching for something half decent at the time.

    I did used to think I couldn't go back to Atari 2600 games but that isn't true; I've had a blast playing them via emulation and would love to pick up a 2600 jr again.

    In the early 90s I couldn't imagine "downgrading" to a C64 after a friends uncle showed one to us mostly thanks to the tape loading I think. I'd love to own one today though


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