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    Code of Princess

    Had a quick go of this last night. The ensemble artwork of the case and manual (and CD if your copy comes with it) is reminiscent of Guardian Heroes which sets the mood as you start the game up. The first thing you'll get is an upbeat animated FMV intro which shows off some of the characters and flashes of events in a very Guardian Heroes style manner before taking you to the main menu. There are around 4 options which are all in Japanese so I've no idea what they are for yet, selecting the top option brings up a list of 5 options which are once again currently a mystery to me beyond the top option again which is Story mode.

    The first thing you need to do is choose your character, there are 4 character slots and initially only the scanty and incredible bouncy Princess Solange is available. Characters look like they're rendered in a similar manner to that used in KOFXII and XIII. The next screen allows you to modify your armour, items, weapons etc though again you won't have any at first (later changes seem to affect your abilities but not appearance). Portraits and text pop up over in game events just like in Guardian Heroes as the story starts. From what I can gather there is a commotion in the kingdom which prompts the King to send a guard and Solange to a temple containing a mystical sword. Solange takes the sword and there is an explosion. She awakes and then the gameplay begins. There are three planes that the player can jump between, like in Guardian Heroes, and movement is pretty straight forward. Holding L and jumping up or down shifts plane whilst X, B and A execute various attacks. Y powers up your attacks temporarily, you can't hammer one button, having to mix up attacks to create combo's. Visually, despite the 3D backgrounds (3D effect is very subtle) it all looks very much like Guardian Heroes with similar but toned down stylings.

    You quickly unlock more characters as you progress but tend to stick with Solange at first as play levels up your character. Each time you level up you can improve the stats for various attributes such as Mind, Speed, Health etc encouraging repeated play.

    The weaker parts for me so far are the speed of the game, it feels like its got constant slowdown but I've started using my stat points on my Speed attribute to hopefully make this less of an issue. Also, so far there's little to the levels. Whereas in Guardian Heroes you progressed through levels in a scrolling beat em up style manner, in this so far it's all single screen battles where you defeat the enemies within a time limit. Hopefully, there's more to it than just simple brawling.

    Overall though, first impressions of its Guardian Heroes style visuals, battling and controls are good. Why? Well, because it's like Guardian Heroes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazytaxinext View Post
    Solange takes the sword and there is an explosion. She awakes and then the gameplay begins.
    That's why she's wearing a cotton thread, all her clothes burned up in that explosion!

    Anyway, are there branching paths like in GH or each character has its on path without variations?

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    So far it seems like there aren't any branching paths. Each battle takes you back to a menu where you select your character and load out for the next battle. My guess is the other characters play differently to Solange, her attacks are quite slow and I've already unlocked a character with short range attacks and another who's magic based. Going off the early missions there should be quite a lot here though.

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    Yeah, the main mode is 'Scenario' which still has plenty of story scenes, but handles things via single mission skirmishes, and punts you back to the menu after each one. Must admit, my first impressions were nearly all dogged by the speed and the slowdown - and I do think they are two seperate issues. Solange herself is pretty slow even just moving around the field, and if you were expecting silky smooth 60fps then you will be quite disappointed.

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    I had a good swing at thi yesterday and today, progressing through the story mode at a brisk pace...I hope it gets more difficult because I'd say that the game's biggest flaw is the lack of challenge.
    I've been playing with Solange only and despite her slow movement, her reach and hitting power make short work of all enemies.
    I've also tried all other available characters (unlocked Elga, or whatever the nun's name is) and I really liked Allegro (the elf...still undecided if he's a man or she's a woman) with his/her fast AoE attacks; he-she is essentially Guardian Heroes' Selena, stating off with averaged stats; Zozo is an other good character, though as a caster she relies way too much on mana, that luckily recharges very quickly. Ali's the fast character and plays the straight (wo)man in cutscenes, likeable overall but game-wise she's probably my least favourite of the main characters.

    Difficulty aside, playing CoP feels like playing Guardian Heroes minus the branching paths and the guardian spirit.
    The branching paths are a sad loss, but the short missions are excellent for a portable game, though it really detracts to the game as a whole.

    Has anyone tried online? Does it work only among friends or anyone can join?

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    Is anyone interested for a co-op session, even a brief one? I'd like to try it out at least once.

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    Got around in doing a review of the game.

    Video quality is much better than expected, sound...not so much.

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    Excellent review dude. Great watch.

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    This is up on the euro eshop for ?24.99. Just purchased it just now, can't see a retail copy anywhere. Looking forward to playing this.


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