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    Nin-Nin changed their terms

    Just a heads-up importing friends, for those who use Nin-Nin, they changed their terms of sale so that if you preorder something and then decide you want to cancel later - even months before it's been shipped, they won't refund you at all but give you store credit.

    This kind of thing is really abhorrent to me, just wanted to give you guys a heads-up.

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    Wasn't that always the case? At least they let you cancel the order, AmiAmi for example doesn't.

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    No they used to let you cancel, then they changed it to "We'll let you cancel but we're keeping 10%" to now "We only give you a site coupon."

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    This is classic Nin Nin. These guys are clowns imo.

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    I have never, ever ordered from Nin-Nin before.

    The introduction of such a policy now ensures that I won't be looking to change that.
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