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    @QualityChimp oh nice get. I think I enjoyed that game as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    Of course you were cool in school listening to The Doors, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Nirvana and Bros, but we all have neon shell suit wearing skeletons in our closet (okay I actually have shell suits coz I'm Scouse ).

    Let's dig deep and have a laugh at some of your most embarrassing music purchases...

    From 1990 when I was 14. Oh dear...

    Number 1 for a few weeks in 1994 is this annoying dance floor confuser. Strange buy for me this as I was into Faith No More, Beastie Boys and Beck at the time. Bet I danced to this in a club like a t*t

    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    That's so funny.
    I read the title and thought immediately of my 7" single of Partners in Kryme!
    You're both dead to me
    Turtle Power is amazing

    Been trying to wrack my brains for an embarrasing single but I don't really feel embarrased by anything I bought as a lad
    I bought stuff I loved

    I think if I absolutely had to pick one then it is probably this...

    Shampoo -Trouble

    I still wouldn't say I'm particularly embarrased by it as I bought it on the basis that Shampoo were fit & I had a thing for them both


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    I never said I don't like it!
    I still remember all the words.
    I rapped along when they played it at the Radio One Roadshow with Nicky Campbell in Aberystwyth.
    Sinita also sang!

    I also like Shampoo.
    I like a selection of one-hit wonders!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
    You're both dead to me
    Turtle Power is amazing
    I agree. It may be crap now, but 30 years ago I loved it and I'm not embarrassed about it.
    I remember buying this on cassette tape too....

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    Thing is, my brother bought a lot of the singles already mentioned in this thread...! Hah... mostly escaped so far...
    Lie with passion and be forever damned...

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    Racking my brains as only bought a few singles in my youth then went on to just get albums.

    First song that jumps to me was Pato Banton feat. Ranking Roger - Bubbling Hot. Pretty cool song but rather daft. Also it was my sister that got it not me!

    Far worse than that was these two -

    Smurfs go pop - I've got a little puppy
    The Wombles - Remember your a womble (1998)

    Edit - cant get youtube video's to post on here, maybe it's for the best...
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    I have just realized that the worst music I bought has to be the bone thugs n harmony albums.
    Thought they were good back in the day, but I listened to them recently and, wow, their music is pure garbage, lol
    I suppose you don't notice it when you're young.

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    'Thuggish Ruggish Bone' is still aight, tho.

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    Two i bought when i was a teen, while i still like them my music tastes have changed quite a bit

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    Quote Originally Posted by JazzFunk View Post
    'Thuggish Ruggish Bone' is still aight, tho.
    Is it though? is it?


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