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    OK I have a few.

    The Lost in Space thread reminded me that I had the single for this:

    Which in turn reminded me that I had this, which is not so much bad but more of its time...

    But that reminded me of this, which is just bad:

    Which was on an album of electronica loosely affiliated with Mortal Kombat. That meant I had this...

    Which led to me liking Juno Reactor, which led to this:

    ... but all that led me to Hackers which led me to The Prodigy, so things turned out pretty well overall.

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    Oh god I remembered another awful one.

    We were watching some "lost in translation" videos on Youtube discussing and criticising books adapted to films and with the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie came up, the rule/ notion of "Just because Alan Rickman is in it doesn't mean it's a good film" came up.

    Agreed. Sure, Hitchhikers was ok, good and very bad in many ways. Alan Rickman did his best but the film was worse. I thought out aloud another not-great film he was in...that he

    OH GOD he was in Help! I'm a Fish (never saw it ) and I got the bloody single from the movie!

    So sorry...had to post...

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    I'm gonna be that guy who never bought any crap or embarrassing singles. Honestly don't think I did. However I do own the Travis album; the one that everyone owns. I wasn't immune it seems. I also have a Heart album which some might consider embarrassing but I still like a bit of hair rock now and then.

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    I know most folks think Heart are cheese mongers but they can really play. No shame there.


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