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Thread: Battlefield V

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    Battlefield V

    Word is this years Battlefield is called Battlefield V and takes us into WWII.
    It opens up more options but given how well BF1 sold I'm mindful the incentive to make a series return to form isn't there.

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    BF1 was awful. Apart from the hilarious bayonet charge. Hope this gets back on track

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    Guess i'm missing another BF cycle then, BF1 was limited in gameplay and the worst maps ever made... it's really going have to do something special to get me into it and for starters they can stop the dumbing the game down in to close quarters COD bollocks.

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    EA and DICE are apparently set to have Loot Boxes in Battlefield V from day one with the content being restricted to cosmetic only items.

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    I think with these sort of things it's also about the progression system which we will only see near or after launch. Is there enough to do outside of the cosmetics. If the endgame is built around them (Destiny 2, Overwatch etc.) then the fact the lootboxes are 'cosmetic only' is not really the point.

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    The good thing about loot boxes in Overwatch is that you can ALWAYS get a game in the various different modes, because 3 wins in the arcade section give you a box. Whereas in BF4, after a while many modes and maps were derelict.

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    The whole way the Battlefield series has structured it's walled off DLC puts me off... As you say if you miss the window the entire community move on to the next 4-5 maps and the rest is a ghost town.

    They need to make maps free to all and find revenue other ways, if that is cosmetics in loot boxes then that's fine by me. The plus outweighs the negative.

    I enjoyed BF1 but it was a mixed bag. Campaign was actually decent if short and Conquest still played a solid game on many maps. I didn't like the authentic era tanks and planes though. Obscured vision and difficult aiming made them a niche offering at best and I hated them. Give me any BF experience that has helicopters....

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    You know the next games coming when DICE announces updates for BF1 will cease within the next 8 weeks

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    Still a game every year though. One year Battlefield, then the next Battlefront. And so on...

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    Otherwise known as circling the drain


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