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    BPX025: Switched On

    When we wake up tomorrow the Nintendo Switch will be officially one year old.

    It's been a hell of a fast paced year for Nintendo with the system seemingly quietly flying off the shelves, the console managing to outsell its failed predecessors entire lifetime total in less than these twelve months. Despite some raised thoughts on how much WiiU projects bolstered the line up, Nintendo has also enjoyed a first rate year for steady key releases that have maintained their momentum.

    Though the main Switch thread often strays into analysing Nintendo's position within the industry, what is your review of Nintendo's first year with the new system? What are it's strengths and weaknesses to you at this point? And has this last year been strong enough to restore faith that the company will slam dunk what is, as of this moment, a barren looking second year?

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    Totally love my Switch. I already own more games for it than I have for any non-handheld system since probably the PS2. Some stellar games from Nintendo and a bunch of third party games and indies that I’m really enjoying with the freedom the Switch gives me. Telly and handheld with no faffing around.

    Currently playing Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 and Thimbleweed Park and getting a load of enjoyment from both.

    I have a suspicion that larger third party support will drop off from here but we’ll get the indie games and those rare gems from Nintendo. I’d love more third party support of course but I’m happy enough with how things look. Hoping for a Fallout game on Switch but Skyrim’s numbers will dictate that.

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    I really like the system, both from the games I've so far played, and for its form factor. Some might remember here that I was praising the Vita/VitaTV a few years ago, and really loving the idea of a console which is both portable and big-TV, with parity between the games; but obviously Sony's solution was compromised and Sony's own support for the Vita was lacking.

    However, I felt that my desire for this was quite niche. I didn't think something on this scale could sell so well, but it seems that Nintendo disagreed and all signs suggest it has at least been worth the gamble.

    My biggest concern now is about the games. We've got/played the big hitters (Zelda, Splatoon2, MarioKart 8 Deluxe and Mario), but the upcoming releases don't offer much for me (I was never that big a fan of Metroid). Hopefully Nintendo will come out with a bunch of things around E3.

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    One thing to note as a negative with the Switch - those joycons feel fragile. And my first set developed a fault (got them boxed up and ready to send but haven’t sent them - hope that’s okay now that it has hit the year). The build quality doesn’t quite seem up to Nintendo’s old standards. But then the first iteration of the 3DS didn’t either so maybe I’m holding them to standards of a different time. And I could have done with a nice d-pad.

    That said, the versatility of the joycons is superb. I laughed at the lifestyle barbecue/plane ad and yet I have both used it like that on a plane and, while not a barbecue, had some impromptu Mario Kart tournaments with colleagues and being able to just hand around the joycons is fantastic.

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    The hardware design is very, very clever, and I'm satisfied by the graphics output. The Joycons have that Wii remote versatility, but extend it even further. The transition between TV and handheld play is genuinely seamless, and when you play on the TV, it really does feel like a proper console - not a 4DS with an HDMI cable plugged in.

    That said, the games output has left me a little cold so far. Arms and Splatoon aren't massively my type of thing, although I'd still like to get them at some point. I was a loyal WiiU game buyer, so everything that's rereleasing I've already played and already own. Stuff that's also on PS4 I tend to buy on PS4, due to the better performance.

    The game I bought it for is still the only game I have - Mario. It is brilliant and I don't regret buying the machine for it.

    I'd like more in the way of software but I'm assuming it'll all come good in the end. Nintendo systems always do - but they require some patience!

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    They should have made the joycons part of the main unit and with the savings made there they could have included a pro controller. The battery life is garbage frankly but apart from those 2 things I think it was a great concept and pretty well executed.

    I really only bought it for the promise of skyrim. Zelda was good and I'll play metroid and animal crossing probably. Plenty of indie titles to keep me busy.

    My biggest sadness is that this is a Nintendo device and not Sony. Vita could have been this. They really ballsed that right up.

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    Great handheld, terrible underpowered home console, few games, joycons are crap. Since finishing Mario and giving up on the Zelda it has been gathering dust, i don't care rabbits, and no matter how good Mario Kart game is, it's still Mario Kart.

    And what we have coming up is a 2 games for children in labo and Kirby, the Kirby demo is about a mindless and dull as games get, it plays itself and cleary meant for the under 7's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobal View Post
    terrible underpowered home console
    Although I can see your point, I think this depends on what you wanted out of a machine. For instance the WiiU was underpowered too, but I had more fun with it than I would've had if I owned a PS4 at the same time, because it just had more games that I wanted to play.

    I have a gaming PC connected by HDMI to my TV with wireless peripherals which leaves any of the consoles (even the new-new versions) in the dust; console power doesn't really interest me as I'd always buy games on PC given the choice. What I care about are exclusives.

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    I voted flicker.

    I bought one. I love it. And yet I hardly play it.

    I've got all the big titles and have played them all quite a bit but I still find myself spending more time on PS4.

    Don't get me wrong, the Switch is epically cool. If I had a commute in the morning on public transport I'd no doubt be rinsing every title I purchase.

    Of course, the majority of those titles are 1st party as they've all been great. 3rd party stuff though I only own LEGO City and that's because it was 16 in Sainsbury's. Why 3rd parties think they can get away with charging 50 for a 3 year old PS4 game is beyond me!

    It is great. Truly great. But maybe not 100% what I want.


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