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    I picked one up at launch, gave it little attention and then sold it a few months later.

    I didn't plan this, but I've just taken my PS4 and games to CeX and grabbed a Switch with Zelda from Argos exactly a year after launch.

    There's a lot of stuff on the eShop that looks interesting now, quite interested in getting stuck in!

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    Very impressed so far, I just wish it had a proper Dpad.

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    I bought mine at launch. I think it's ace ... and yet it gathers way too much dust.

    Granted, I do most of my gaming in front of a tv and the PS4 (and XBO to a lesser extent) caters for most needs.

    The problem is perhaps what's becoming a classic Nintendo problem: it can't sustain the great highs of the likes of Breath of the Wild. So it has great highs followed by periods of being relatively uninteresting.

    I'll stick with it because I do have a bit of a soft spot for it. But it's a secondary console.

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    Yep.another casualty of the decision to have detachable controllers. Why do companies always cock stuff up? If vita had had proper 2 and 3 buttons instead of a rear touch screen...

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    Bought one, enjoyed mario kart, gave it away a month or two later. I couldn't get in to Zelda (but I've never liked them) and the reality when it comes down to it was that I had no interest in playing another mario game. I fully understand that it's probably a brilliant game if you like that kind of thing, but I lost all interest in them after the N64 one. Basically the PS4 better caters to what I want to play, I started to resent it sitting there unused so was glad to see the back of it. The crappy write up of zero gunner 2 certainly didn't help.

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    It's certainly exceeded what I expected it to do and how good I expected it to be. It's not blown away all my issues as yet though, the main ones being:

    -I don't rate the Joycons, owning a Pro Controller is 100% the way to go
    -TV mode is alright but a lack of AA hurts the visuals
    -Ports etc are massively overpriced
    -The software line up continues the line of being too slow.

    Nintendo themselves have been obviously great and have made the systems line up what it is, it's the lack of worthwhile third party software that has caused the issue and without a Switch model that matches fairly closely the power of its rivals there's no real way around it but the Switch is still a dust-magnet much of the time. Also, no arguing around it, year one has been heavily bolstered by WiiIU projects and it remains a concern as to how consistent Nintendo will be with non-filler titles. We're 25% into 2018 and the silence is becoming deafening. Hopefully they allay those fears soon and don't just lean on Smash or 3D World ports to fill the void.

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    I love the switch, I bought it to be a home console, but it's pretty much only ever used in portable mode now, but it's had some good games - I killed Sonic Mania on it and Zelda was amazing. That said, I didn't into Mario for some unknown reason - but I really enjoyed Mario + Rabbids.

    All-in-all it's been a really cool system, the portability has been the reason I've used it so much. Definitely a nice companion to a PS4 and PC combo.

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    Didn’t bother with it - mario tempted me abit, but it just seems to be endless indie games now (and I can’t even be arsed downloading them when they are free with PSN). If ridge 8 does come out on it, i’ll Definitely get one though.


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