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    gaming magazines you grew up with

    i was recently having a clear out and i found loads of games magazines (a choice selection i'd kept hold of and stashed away) and I've been spending some time looking through them with a great feeling of nostalgia . my fav mags were Mean Machines (before it split into seperate Sega/Nintendo editions) and Super Play back in the 16bit days and as i got older i started buying N64 magazine and Edge...even had a few copies of GamesMaster.

    i really miss those days of waiting each month for the latest news, reviews and seeing a peak at the latest developments

    do you guys still have magazines from your childhood and if so what were your favs?

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    I threw away all of 80s and 90s mags around 2001. The only exceptions are that I believe somewhere in storage I still have 1 issue of Sega Saturn Magazine that I picked as my favourite out of the stack, and one issue of CVG in which I'd sent in a letter that got printed.

    We've talked about this on here before I'm sure, but I miss the 90s games mags; though with the internet, I guess these things are democratised now.

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    your right this probably has been discussed before. lol..CVG!, forgot about that one!

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    I was up the loft this week and found my Mean Machines and Sega Power stash!

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    Mid to late 90s was prime time video game mag buying for me. Especially around 98-00, it just felt like something new and exciting was always on the horizen each month.

    I always bought CVG with its recycled paper in the middle heh. Looking back it was a bit of a lads mag but I loved Playstation Plus for a time as well. They made me aware of Alundra by giving it a good review/score (which they rectroactively changed in later years for some reason). I also picked up Gamesmaster a lot.

    I had a lot of copies of Edge stored away for years. I would pull them out to throw way, get stuck re-reading a few issues and then put them back in the closet. I must have done that at least 10 times before I finally chucked them.

    There was a one off Final Fantasy/Square special produced by one particular mag around the time FF8 was coming out. I'd love to pick that up again but I can't for the life of me remember which mag produced it. Apart from that I don't keep any physical magazines anymore. I do have some digital collections on my PC and I'm happy enough with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamelife View Post

    i really miss those days of waiting each month for the latest news, reviews and seeing a peak at the latest developments
    I do too, I coudln't wait for the next issues of Mean Machines to ship. My Fav mags were Input (the 1st computer mag I subscribed too) Mean Machines, S Mag, Sega Pro, Adv Mega Drive gaming, Mega, Super Play, CVG Sega Saturn Mad, Total Control, Mega Power (for the Mega CD demos) EMG , EDGE, Saturn Power (i quite liked it) but the best of the bunch for me were Gamfan, Mean Machines (before the split) and Maximum

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    Seeing this thread instantly made me think of the complete guide to console magazines, so I went for a search and found online pdf's. Man, what a trip down memory lane that's been, I spent endless hours with those mags and I could still remember every single thing about them. The internet has ruined gaming compared to how it was back then.

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    October 1999 issue of Official PlayStation Magazine was the first gaming magazine I ever bought, still have that issue too.

    Really enjoyed that magazine through the years, though it was a bit **** towards the end when the PS2 was in the swing of things.

    In the earlier 00s I was into GamesTM and I think without it I would never have acquired a higher interest in video games or import gaming at all.

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    I used to spend an absolute fortune on games mags back in the days. All the old classics like Mean Machines, CVG, CU Amiga, Amiga Format and Super Play. The "chunks" of information compared to todays constant drip feed was so nice.

    Oh to be analog again...

    We grew up in an amazing time folks as we got to witness the transition when life went from what it was and had been toward what it would be...

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    Three magazines I bought regularly were Zzap64, Amiga Format and Amiga User International.


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