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    Had a few of the old sinclair spectrum and CVGs, but mainly I remember reading Amiga Format and Power, later the old NMS was great for the SNES, Saturn magazine seems like a really late magazine in comparison, but it was so well done.

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    The first I can remember is Zero for the amiga. Loved it. Then the usual suspects - CvG, Mean Machines, Games Master and Edge. But the absolute, undisputed pinnacle of video gaming journalism for me will always be Super Play!

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    The first magazine I remembering getting for my own choice was the official nintendo magazine issue 60(sept 1997). I'd just got an n64 a couple months after the big price drop I believe. The magazine had a review of Doom 64 in it. I can remember desperately wanting to play it as I loved the old computer game. Nowadays I'd take the pc original over it any day.

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    Weirdly enough, I spent the entirety of my time with Doom 64 with A Tribe Called Quest's 'The Love Movement' album playing in the background, I was trying to make it click as I'd been waiting ages for it so I had it on repeat.

    I just remember thinking that it was nowhere near as good as 'The Low End Theory' or 'Midnight Marauders' and I also found Doom 64 to be not as cool as the PS1 version. But maybe that slightly disappointing Tribe album tarnished my experience with it...

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    Does anyone still have their little plastic Jaz Rignall figure? I think mine might be in Mum’s attic...

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    I've still got that little metal Rocket Knight pin badge, think it was C&VG it came with...

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    Zzap 64 is certainly the one I have the most love for. The reviewers seemed like real personalities (possibly helped by head illustrations next to their writing - the original emojis!), I felt like I knew these people and respected what they were saying (even Paul Sumner, who it turned out wasn't real ). The humour seemed right for the audience, unlike the overly formal techie mags that preceded it, or the kiddie-friendly magazines of the early 90s (which sadly, Zzap eventually became). Oli Frey's illustrations made *look* much better than other magazines. His game illustrations were usually much better than the artwork from the game itself. I remember loving that they had a music chart; it was great seeing there were other people who appreciated those SID tunes!

    I used to sometimes buy C+VG. I didn't really know anyone who owned a console, so there was something quite mysterious about seeing them. Especially when the PC Engine and Megadrive appeared. I loved Sega from the arcades, so I liked reading about anything with their name on it. Once the Megadrive came out in the UK and was suddenly everywhere, it seemed a bit less mysterious, and I think I went back to Zzap for a while...
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    Made me lol when I found out Oli Frey had a sideline in gay erotica, painting in EXACTLY the same style as his Zzap! and Crash covers!

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    How did you find that out, Jazz?

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    I'd like to say I was searching for something exotic but a simple Google image search for 'Oliver Frey' throws up all kinds of funky stuff without even breaking a sweat.


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