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    Wondermega (Victor RG-M2)


    Lovely Wondermega M2 for sale here.

    This is the second iteration of the MegaDrive/ Mega-CD hybrid system made by JVC. Released in 1993 and retailed for the premium price of 59,800.

    Comes with the rare-as-hen's-teeth six-button infrared controller (these sell for 100 by themselves), which works like a total dream. Allows you to start and shut-down the system instantaneously from the sofa etc.

    The RG-M2 plays all Japanese Megadrive and Mega-CD games. I believe that, if you use it with an Everdrive cart, you can use UK and US bios enabling you to run Mega-CD games from any region (although I've not tested this).

    Bundled with an S-Video cable and a UK self-switching PSU. Good clean condition.

    Very rare and desirable system, obviously. 430 ovno. (+ tracked, insured shipping at cost)

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    They do, but need the RGB to be wired in (this can be done to the MIDI port on the back, so you don't affect the look of the machine).

    Standard outputs are S-Video and comp. Deffo worth doing the RGB mod, as it has the best output of all MD models:


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