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    Watched it twice. Totally awesome. Angel too.

    I liked it for the light heartedness of it all and yet somehow their lives mattered, even though it felt very slapstick.

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    Yeah, not sure anyone else has ever managed to balance things quite like that show did.

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    Season 4 was fine for me, season 6 wasn't exactly up to par after she was brought back from death. There wasn't exactly much in the way of direction for most of it (or so it felt).
    Angel was similar after Cordelia "left" in season 4, although they brought it back in season five for the most part. The world parallel world story was good too. Jeremy Reimer was in season 1 too.

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    I'm still hoping for the blu-ray set to happen one day. But looking at the atrocious treatment the show got 'for modern TVs' recently (a switch to widescreen revealing edges of sets and crew plus the lighting got no post-production so looks wrong in places) I have a feeling it might never happen. I'm glad I kept my old dvd sets but I'd love an upgrade one day.

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    I always found the musical episode a funny one, it's well made but I never really enjoyed it much. Part of that is because it's the point where the horrific Buffy/Spike storyline fully begins and both characters are ruined (permanently in Buffy's case who becomes insufferable to the end whereas Spike is recovered somewhat in the final season of Angel) but also because none of the case could sing.

    My ex was massively into Buffy and Angel so the show marks itself out somewhat because of the conventions I'd get dragged to. By we split I think the only cast members I hadn't seen at some point where Sarah Michelle Gellar, Charisma Carpenter and Alyson Hannigan. Hannigan you still heard about because she's married to the guy who played Wesley, Gellar was always distant from the others it seems (but was likely in greater demand too). Boreanez too, even on set, but when I saw him at one of the cons he admitted as much.

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    Tara could sing just fine.

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    As could Anthony Head and Emma Caulfield - the episode is fabulous, making Buffy work as a musical was genius.

    They got the mustard out.

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    Clue for the seventh thread:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    Clue for the seventh thread:



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