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    Yeah, a bit of a shame but absolutely understandable in view of current events.

    Also, I read that it's partly because PS5 is so awesome, Sony feel embarrassed for MiĘro$of₮ and don't want to humiliate them too badly before the consoles are even out.

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    Fair play to them. Absolutely can wait.

    Plus I think @kryss and @Cassius_Smoke need more time to rethink the new XMB.
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    Disappointed but pretty sensible. Still disappointed though 🤷

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    Yeah, that would have been the highlight of the week. I think we need something uplifting to talk about.

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    Such a big reveal to postpone, makes you wonder if any of the other companies with E3 replacement plans for the next few weeks will delay also.

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    Sensible move really given everything that is going on.

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    Good call.

    Can I also say that possibly startup sound is flipping fantastic? However, we'll rarely hear it because of the (admittedly much more fantastic) standby feature consoles have these days.

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    Disappointed, but right thing to do. But still disappointed. It was the right thing to do though. But yet, Iím still disappointed. Even though it was the right thing to do and we all know it was the right thing to do. Itís disappointing.

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    So the PS5 showcase is somehow going to override news coverage of more important events? Really?


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