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    What Has Everyone Been Playing This Week? 4

    Might as well round out the thread refreshes from the BD Crash given it's a nice, quiet Friday.

    After finding out even more persistence with Mafia 3 won't lead to anything interesting I've decided it's time for a clean slate protocol.

    I think I'm going to broadly keep things freed up for the release of Far Cry 5 next Tuesday but in the meantime I'll likely take a look at the bevvy of goodies installed on the PC that need to be worked through and see what appeals.

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    Ended up with little play time due to sheer exhaustion this weekend so kept to lighf stuff:

    -Super Lucky's Tale-
    Gameplay isn't as charming as the presentation. It's a mostly functional platformer and it's short length will be the main reason to stick it out.

    First impressions aren't that bad to be honest. The biggest sticking point is the feeling gbat the devs should have gone fully for an arcade racing vibe as you want to drift through corners rather than break. I expected worse though.

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    Played some Motorstorm Pacific Rift with my two boys. There was some fun to be had but it felt soulless compared to other smash-em-up racers like Pure or Burnout or even a non-contact racer like Trackmania Turbo.

    Played the initial chapter of Beyond Two Souls. I think that Cage's work is divisive to many players but I can't knock the PS3 gfx. Amazing to look at.

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    Mostly Far Cry 5 but also:

    Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    It's been a very long time but I've been revisiting this, currently on Chapter 25/34. Time has, to be honest, been kind to this game. Though a lack of sharpness shows some aging it still looks very good a lot of the time and coming from feeling disappointed by UC4, this feels closer in soul to the original trilogy. If this turned out to be the next game Bluepoint were updating and adding to for PS4 I'd be happy to see that end product. It's not as good as the console editions but it's actually increasingly staggeringly good as a handheld adaptation of the series especially factoring in its age.

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    I played a lot at the weekend. Played through these:

    Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea 1&2 DLC - it was alright... I guess. A bit dull and the shooty stuff is weak.
    What Remains Of Edith Finch - Beautiful. Really gorgeous game. I loved it.
    Gone Home - Replayed this. I love this too.
    The Room: Old Sins - This was pretty good. Not strong narratively but the puzzle box thing is great.

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    The absolutely lovely Trine 2.
    More in the 3D thread.

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    Ahhhh. Get higher, baby!
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    Gamertag: Paleboy PSN ID: paleboy1970 Steam ID: paleboy
    Skyrim on Switch. Looks lovely on that small screen - on PSVR it was immersive but felt a bit rough, like an N64 game looks these days!
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    I've played a little more Ni No Kuni 2. It's still not challenging enough but it's fun none the less.

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    In my quest to reduce my pile of shame so it fits in the house, i started TLOU not too long ago. Just got to the bit now

    after Joel saves Ellie from being operated on.

    Am really enjoying it, and it takes me back to playing and enjoying the Resi games all those years ago - mainly the picking up of ammo, guns and other items, seem to remember Resi being quite similar.

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    So you hadn't spent the entirety of the game wondering:

    "won't they have to dissect her to get this stuff?" and then facepalm when Mr.Slow realises right at the end of the game rendering his entire journey and all your game hours utterly pointless?


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