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    Tokyo Xanadu eX+ and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, doing the new sidequests added by the last DLC batch. Thinking to start a NG+ but I'm not really sure.

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    Rocket League on the Switch, which is cross-platform with PC and Xbox1. I want some of the Spring special stuff but only have 4 days left to get enough flowers!

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    Really bounced around stuff last night. The game I'm supposed to be moving on to next and going through is Shadow Warrior 2.

    I enjoyed the first game and its cheeky humour and retro flair, SW2 though uses randomly generated level design elements and just as with pretty much any game that's tried that before it SUCKS SO BAAAADLY. Really, really hard to maintain interest in which is a shame as it'd otherwise be more of the same. I'm going to try reattempting it tonight but it's hard work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    So you hadn't spent the entirety of the game wondering:

    "won't they have to dissect her to get this stuff?" and then facepalm when Mr.Slow realises right at the end of the game rendering his entire journey and all your game hours utterly pointless?
    No, but then I never figured out who killed JR, a bit slow in those instances.

    Ending was a bit rubbish I thought, but might play through again to get all the comics etc, so I must of liked it.

    Next I'm thinking either:

    Dead Space 2
    LA Noire
    Dead Souls

    Quite fancy one of the many 360 games I have as have been solely using the PS4 recently.

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    Dead Space 2 is gonna be free on Games With Gold later this month.

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    Over the weekend both Just Cause 3 and Shadow Warrior 2 proved to be washouts, they're just very poor sequels to their predecessors.

    This week it's looking like:

    -The Order: 1886
    -Watch Dogs 2
    -Super Mario Odyssey

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    Something great came out of the boys losing their Xbox One consoles for a bit: a 3-player, sat in front of the tv, Puyo Puyo Tetris sesh on the Switch. Took me right back to the 16-bit days A total joy.

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    Working my way through Final Fantasy III on Steam. It looks pretty nice for a DS to Mobile to PC port although I did have to install a menu mod to get rid of the awful touchscreen UI.

    About 7 hours in, got two crystals and rocking a Knight, Black Mage, Monk & Red Mage for the moment.

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    Puyo Puyo Tetris reminded me I actually own a Switch ... and Splatoon 2 is wonderful as ever

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    Wipeout: Still an absolute masterpiece of a game.
    Keep looking at resi 7 but too scared to go into that world in vr.
    Farpoint. Stuck on first boss.
    Robinson. Makes me feel sick.
    Demo of Moss. An absolute delight. Might buy full version in a minute...


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