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    Persona 5....110 hours in now, looks like the last dungeon and can't wait to see how this ends! Love this series, and this has been an unmitigated joy to play from start to finish

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    Still impressed by older games, took my mate who's on the sick a small batch of PS3 stuff, it's been eight years since I clocked it on 360 but I was pleasantly surprised to find it was the GOTY edition, not only that I was bloody hooked, it's still great!!!

    Now playing DmC on 360, oh my god it looks gorge.

    Last gen is still busting balls I'd say!!!

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    Watch Dogs 2 is proving.,.. alright. I mean, it's significantly better than the first game in pretty much every way though the cutscenes are all must-skips and the hacking is pretty redundant now but it's all much more GTA-like. It has a weird effect though where you're happily tootling along until you die and mustering the will to continue is hard despite the fact you where having a decent time before then. I'm going to persist for now, hopefully it doesn't start to wear thin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pavey View Post
    What is 'it' @JazzFunk? Do you mean Persona?
    Sorry, duh, predictive text! Batman Arkham Asylum on PS3 I meant, still very impressive.

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    Still making my way through Final Fantasy III an hour or so at a time. The game's pretty story light being an earlier entry to the series and I'm finding it quite relaxing to play in short bursts.

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    I finished off Trine 2 last night.
    I was a little confused as the story finished and then carried on again, but it's "Trine 2 Complete Story", which includes an extra handful of levels.
    Credit where it's due, it was pretty smoothly integrated, rather than "click here to start DLC".

    As I said in the 3D thread, I must've got it when I had PS+ last time, but I'm so glad I played it.
    It would be a fun little platform puzzler in it's own right, like Braid or Limbo, but the 3D was sublime.
    Each level looked different from the last, with snow, deserts, caves, castles and even the insides of a giant worm.
    The various puzzles had a goal to achieve, but there was usually multiple ways to do it.
    The combat was fun, and there were usually several ways to take out the enemies, but there was something unnervingly satisfying about using the wizard character to pick up a flailing baddie and drop him into a bed of spikes, or raise him into spinning sawblades! :O

    I liked the game so much, I bought Trine 3 a week ago as it's currently in a sale.

    I didn't play that as I needed a break, plus it's 4-player couch co-op and I have mates coming over next week, so we may try it then. Instead, I played the other game I got in the sale, Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition.

    I really enjoyed this the first time around on 360, but wanted to play the Enter the Dragon homage, Zodiac Island. I have to play some more as the DLC in mainly integrated, but I stayed up a bit late doing "one more mission".
    Although the combat is sliiiightly clunky whilst I'm shaking the rust off, but it wasn't long before I was taking out multiple perps with counters and environment attacks. The counters are really smooth and convincing as I've played some games where your dude seems to slide a couple of feet to complete the animation.

    Can't wait to find the fight clubs an increase my combat stats.

    It's not often I get chance to replay a game, but this is still fun!

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    I've had Far Cry 5 on the shelf for a while (was saving it for a clear schedule, yeah right ) and I cracked a couple of nights ago and banged it on. This is my first Far Cry game and I like what I see so far. Wandering around and doing stuff is fun, especially when the landscape is this good. Over every hill and around every corner there's something satisfying to do. I like games that distract me with the basic goings on in the world ... something the GTA games are great at. Then there's the hooks of character development and map progression, etc. It all links together nice and tidily. I also like the open-ended structure of your main objective(s) ... just like in BOTW you can go your own way like Fleetwood Mac.

    Something I wasn't expecting was the near constant threat of danger (not Dark Souls levels but plenty all the same). Hearing a pitbull snarling is up there with Doom's Pinkie snuffles ... having you looking around frantically before being ragged on and mauled. You need to tread carefully in this game. Running about with gay abandon will bring the heat straight away. Using stealth and observing any enemy presence early is essential unless you want a gunfight every few minutes. Speaking of which, combat seems a bit of a mixed bag. Stealth take-downs are hugely satisfying but gunplay feels a bit inaccurate and woolly (maybe my mad skillz just aren't up to snuff these days).

    Lastly, the unscripted moments deserve special mention. I've had a couple of great moments already

    Good fun so far.

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    I've never played a Far Cry game (besides Blood Dragon), and I really like the look of this, but I've got too many other games to play at the moment.

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    A bit more Sleeping Dogs. I've found all but three jade statues (they're hidden in missions), all the health shrines and beaten all the fight clubs with a ten kill streak.

    It appears none of my online friends have played this as I used to love seeing the stats pop up to show who'd done the longest wheelie and so on.


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