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    A Way Out (ps4) xbox one, PC

    Sat and played half of “A way out” last night with rubiqrage and If you fancy a story based co-op prison break game I’d highly recommend it. Part puzzle, part stealth, and part action it kept surprising us and was quite the hoot. It has some air punching set pieces and makes you really feel like your a team at certain points as synchronization is a must, whether its taking out guards together or running distractions it dose co-op super well. I'm not supersure if it was intended but their are also some silly bits that had us laughing in a "really their doing it like this ok" type way.

    It’s a budget release 25 on the PS store but The best thing about it is only one person has to buy it. You send an invite to a friend and it prompts them to a demo on the ps store that gives you access to play the full game with them.

    Full game takes about 6hours supposedly (we did three and a half last night) but their is branching routes and different ways to handle each scenario so it’s got a fair bit of replay value too, One Early mission requires you to steal a wrench and work out a way to get it back to your cell. while this mission only really had one solution i still found it really rewarding, as it requires you to work together in a number of interesting ways to achieve your task.

    I'm not normally not a fan of stealth stuff buts its done really well here and never outstays its welcome, its not just stealth there are action bits puzzle bits and exploration set pieces. Locations are quite varied and like all good prison escape movies getting out is only the start of your journey together.

    highly recomended
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    I really want to play this - thanks for the feedback!

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    Finished this this morning. Friend in Oz bought it, I download the free trial and we started yesterday. No issues with lag. Game time six hours according to the Xbox app. Absolute delight to play. We're planning on replaying it sometime in the future to try different story choices and just generally prat about a bit more with some of the mini-games.

    I second Lebowski's recommendation!

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    I started playing it with @FamilyFry yesterday, it's been really enjoyable so far. The graphics are super impressive too

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    I really want to play this - thanks for the feedback!
    Me too. PS4?

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddymeow View Post
    Me too. PS4?
    Yeah, awesome!
    I'm on most nights from about 8:30.
    Not tonight, though.
    Does that work for you?
    Sounds like a mic is pretty important. Do you have one?

    How are your ocular cavities?

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    Finished this off last night, 6 hours is about right as long as you don't get stuck, or get to competitive on the mini-games

    We encountered a few bugs that halted our progres, the game glitched out for us at the farmhouse and we ended up wasting about half an hour wandering about before we restarted the checkpoint, we had worked out what to do the game just wasn't showing us the right prompts.


    An assault on the main bad guys compound, followed by a Scarface style showdown, followed by a super crazy motorbike chase, had us thinking yeah we got this, Im not sure if it was me being dumb as a post but i didn't see the story line of undercover cop sting operation doublecross coming to bite us in the arse. forcing us form coop to versus for the final showdown, double dragon streets of rage ending when there is only one winner is a stroke of genius. i was not expecting the boat helicopter chase or the shootout or the beat down. Now i want to go back and see how it plays out if we go down a different path

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    we will find time and choose the alternative paths to what we did first playthrough

    a solid cheap fun game that i enjoyed playing. look forward to doing the alt playthroughs when we get time

    8/10 for me.

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    That was good!

    Josef Fares May be a narrative one trick pony


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