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Thread: Far Cry 5

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    Anyone tried multiplayer / arcade yet?

    I've held off buying this until it goes on sale. I enjoyed FC3 but FC4 was a cookie cutter release (with elephants), I then skipped Primal entirely due to franchise fatigue. The though, I know what to expect given reviews but none of them have really covered the multiplayer or user content.

    If the gun play is decent I'm hoping the multi is actually worth a look this time when it hasn't been previously.

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    I'm around 1/3 of the way through the third leaders territory so in the close third of the game now. If I'm pushed I'd say this edges FC3 out as the best entry though it's a refinement of the series rather than bringing anything really new. It could do with more mission inventiveness rather than so many repetitive filler objectives. They're mostly not too bad but when you reach a point where you need to edge up the bar to trigger the confrontation missions it becomes a bit of a chore.

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    Turns out I've put 68 hours into this since it was released 8 days ago. Yes I do have a life, thanks for asking!

    So, negatives. I've had a few glitches. 'In a Ubisoft game? Surely not!', I hear you cry. Yes. It's true. However, all the glitches have happened in co-op or multiplayer. Stuff like getting stuck in a box, falling through scenery, Arcade Mode not registering kills, Arcade Mode level resetting to zero and the game failing to connect as it says my ethernet cable is disconnected. I don't use an ethernet cable.

    That aside, I'm loving this game. Open world games very often don't do it for me. This one does. Just wandering around is a delight. Never takes long to stumble across something of interest. It's just such good fun.

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    Of the core missions I only have the final one left to do tonight so it seems I've experienced more than enough to grant this entry an 8/10. It's solid stuff, definitely a culmination of the series rather than a progression. It gets a bit repetitive as it gets into the second half, never properly embracing the hints of OTTness that would have allowed them the variety to keep things fresher. But it's a solid round up that leaves the franchise in a strong place for a sixth entry that would need to progress things much further to be worthwhile. I've enjoyed it though, I think I've enjoyed it more than any other 2018 release so far though I appreciate MH:W's accomplishments more.

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    His brothers are down and his sister is down,i’m coming for you Joseph Seed and will bring you down
    Absolutely loving this

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIG EDD View Post
    His brothers are down and his sister is down,i’m coming for you Joseph Seed and will bring you down
    Absolutely loving this
    Yeah, the game is brilliant as is the game setting. This game is just so much FUN

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    Little things I like about this game:

    The dialogue changes depending on when you do missions
    The interplay between your sidekicks (not Cheesburger, the diabetic bear. He just growls occasssionaly).
    The 'wet bed' video tape mission.
    Hurk's Dad.
    Wingsuiting from a great height.

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    It’s pretty rough around the edges, (saw a few nasty bugs), but I’m having a lot of fun with it.

    It’s very ‘dying light’ without the zombies.

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    The power of Yes.

    I’ve really been enjoying this, looks crazy good on X, mission variety has been good so far.
    So far it’s kept my attention longer than other far cry titles.

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    Completed the main story with a few outstanding side missions to mop up.Thoroughly enjoyed the game and roll on Far cry 3 remaster


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