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Thread: Far Cry 5

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    85 hours and 1000 G and I've still not completed all the side missions. So much fun to be had with this. Enjoyed just wandering around in co-op and stumbling across stuff. Thought the Prepper Stashes were really well done. Some of them were like mini puzzles. Bring on the DLC!

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    Completed the first bit of the map last night - still enjoying this

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    2 questions please.

    Is this a "play in parts and pay as you go" kind of game in terms of dlc or do you buy it once and it's all on the disc plus if it is what are the odds of a proper version coming out at a later date with all the gubbins included?

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    Well there’s an all in one version out now in the gold edition of the game, which includes the season pass and Far Cry 3 classic which is included in season pass.

    Far Cry 5 is 100% a stand alone, in fact the DLC they are bringing out is three separate different campaigns.

    Dead Living Zombies will pit players against “hordes of the undead” in a “zombie-infested wasteland.”
    Hours of Darkness takes players to Vietnam, where they will do battle against the Viet Cong.
    Lost on Mars zips them into a spacesuit and drops them onto the red planet to fight against giant spiders.

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    Thanks, is that gold version all on a disc or do you need a net connection to download another 30gb or so?

    What I'm after is like those goty editions which come out at the end of the cycle with all the patches etc ready installed and good to go as I don't have broadband at home.

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    Ah I see, well the gold edition has the season pass on a redeem code as the content isn’t out yet and will need to be downloaded later.
    I’m not sure that Ubi ever release complete editions on disc, only ever seem to be disc with dlc codes I’m afraid.

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    Well worth buying, FF. Is a great game. I don't think Ubi do complete editions on disc, do they?

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    Aye they tend to do gold/deluxe retail/digital editions with season pass and content on redeem code for download but never a complete edition on disc. Not many companies do anymore mostly because it would require re-certification and reprint at cost to the publisher, which they don’t need to do if you just buy game and add to it.

    I’m about 18 hours into it and really enjoying it, I’ve just liberated Holland Valley so one down, two more to go.
    If I keep going at the pace I have been going I will clock about 60 hours total game for 100%.
    I bagged a cheap Mondo edition pre-order and had forgot to cancel it, at the time I fancied the Soundtrack LP it came with, soundtrack is actually very good which took me by surprise.

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    Ah well.

    I do wonder how this "buy a semi useless disc and then download everything else" approach will fare when these machines become retro and the server updates are no more. Peeps will be sitting around with Beta versions of half a game in a lot of cases.

    Back in my day...

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    This game is a huge amount of fun. Every spare moment I have I cant leave it alone. Every aspect works together so well: the missions/quests/treasure hunts, the opening/liberating the map, and the random moments around every corner.

    As I said in another thread this is my first Far Cry game and I half expected it to be a bit of a jack of all trades and master of none. But it's far better. The game it reminds me most of is GTA, in that just being there is fun, but also the open-ended way you can approach things adds a huge amount of satisfaction too.

    Really nice surprise this one


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