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Thread: Far Cry 5

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    Yeah it's a great structure but it's basically unchanged all that much since FC3.

    They've made it so the map is split into three and you uncover it more organically now which is nice (previously you were scaling towers and destroying them)... But peel it all back and a lot is still the same old FC. The wingsuit, hunting, random mayhem on the roads etc...

    I'm exactly a third in having 100% Holland Valley but if I'm honest I expected more. I'm not saying it's not fun, but strip back the pretty graphics (on Xbox One X) and it's a bit of a feeling, again. I guess I was suckered by the new storyline but yeah it's decent but I'm feeling it needs to lose marks on some level.

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    I ended each region with 100%, 100% and of course 99%! WTF?!
    I missed one mission it seeems and it looks like it can NEVER reappear, mission is in Holland Valley and it’s called Hit The Gas so keep an eye out for it, get it done because once you liberate it, the chance of completion is gone.
    There may even be another one in Faith’s region, which is to destroy 3 boats and 3 cars, so watch out for that one too, by the time I got there I already knew this could possibly happen because of the way you liberate the islands via the preset encounters.

    Other than that the 50 hours I spent doing everything I really, really enjoyed. I feel the setting and the split into three regions really did help give the game some focus, even just doing some fishing or hunting feels quite natural for the environment. I think I will grab the season pass once the actually release some new content.

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    All finished now. Very enjoyable on the whole ... and just about the right size too ... but ultimately a little forgettable now it's over, like a big daft summer blockbuster.

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    Fun game while it lasted, but very rough around the edges with some of the the laziest and sloppiest game design I've seen. Shame as a little polish goes a long way.

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    Completed my first play through of the first DLC, Hours of Darkness, today. Put over seven hours in to it. I suspect it could be completed within an hour if you ignored things like exploring, side-missions and generally having fun.

    The perks system doesn't requires you to spend points. Instead, as you get stealth kills you unlock up to four active perks which you lose if you're spotted or die. You can also trap/sabotage vehicles and call in air strikes.

    Completing the game in Normal mode unlocks two new modes: Survival and Action Movie. I've not tried these yet.

    An atmospheric and fun bit of DLC.

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    Looks like the “Martian” DLC will be out soon as the achievements are now showing on Live.

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    Two months since completing the main game I still get an involuntary urge to immobilise every white pick-up truck I see out on the road.

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    I know what you mean. I keep having to fight the urge to start a cult.


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