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    Xbox Live Gold / Xbox Game Pass / EA Access

    Three months for the price of one. For the next ten days, 6.00 instead of the regular 14.99.
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    can you stack these?... my son's Live is only a couple of months away from expiring so may buy a few if I can stack them..

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    After buying it once, the price changed to 14.99. There is a 'buy as a gift' option, though. Perhaps it can be abused...

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    April is a great month with Live, so thanks for this, @Deuteros. Just signed up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deuteros View Post
    Two months for 2.00, valid for the next ten days.
    I’m on a rolling contract at 5.99 every month. I can’t seem to take advantage of this offer.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    Yeah, same here.

    Not logged in, the offer was there.
    Logged in.
    I was on a 12 month contract set to automatically renew.
    Cancelled the auto renew and the link changed to extend at 5.99.

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    Yeah, I failed to notice this offer is only for those not already currently subscribing, i.e., it's targeted at new or returning subscribers. Sorry, guys!

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    Six months for 14.99 at Amazon.

    Well, 3 + 3 months, actually, and the promotional code must be redeemed before April 15th, 2019.

    UK customers only so I'm out.

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    Xbox Live Gold

    One month for 1.00, plus 1000 coins of Apex Legends' virtual currency.

    Xbox Game Pass

    One month for 1.00

    Which you shouldn't bother with since you can get:

    Three months for 1.00

    These offers should be valid for the next 28 days or so. New or returning subscribers only.


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