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    Another item added to my loot pile from my KitKat side quest.

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    KitKat supposedly made some social media posts recently saying that they were bringing matcha KitKats over here. I know as I got tagged by lots of folks who know I've a soft spot for them. Yet to find any in the wild though!

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    Kit Kat Ruby/Green Tea
    Both are fine, the colours are interesting but I'd be lying if I said I could taste that much difference between these two and the originals.
    3/5 Milkshakes

    Cadbury's Choco Shake
    A new powdered milkshake, pretty much like Nesquick but not as effective. It's surprising how poorly this has been implemented by Cadbury's, it mostly dissolves but there's barely any taste.
    1/5 Milkshakes

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    Experts are now recommending a 20% tax be added onto sweets, biscuits and cakes. It has little chance of happening any time soon though as Johnson is against the existing sugar tax as it is.

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    'Experts'??? Is Jamie Oliver amongst these wretched, sickly, pious twats?

    Tbh, I'd batter them with big sticks then slowly pizza-ise the gits with a steam roller and feed their flattened guts to the curs.

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    Coca-Cola Signature Mixer 01: Smokey
    Controversial as I've had it without using it as a mixer but... I quite liked it. Nice little glass bottle with old school style, non-diet which is always a plus and you can tell there's actually a side-taste hint to it. Not strong but I probably would use the word smokey to describe it. I've got 02, 03 and 04 waiting in the wings to try too.
    4/5 Milkshakes

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    Coca-Cola Signature Mixer 02: Spicy
    So, the second version proved to be surprisingly subtle. There's little different to the taste than compared to normal coke. The biggest difference is the slight aftertaste it leaves that hints at the spiced nature of the drink, something I assume gets drowned out when actually mixed with another drink.
    2/5 Milkshakes

    Coca-Cola Signature Mixer 03: Herbal
    This is the one that I suspected would be the least likeable and it's kind of true. Once again the changes to the formula are more subtle than I expected but the slight herbal tang gives it a slight mouthwash taste. It's not repulsive but it is the weakest of the four.
    2/5 Milkshakes

    Coca-Cola Signature Mixer 04: Woody
    I held out some hope for this one, figuring it would be more like the Smokey one. It's the one of the four, it turns out, that lacks any real notable difference from normal coke making Smokey the king of the mixers.
    3/5 Milkshakes

    Fanta Limited Edition: Dark Orange
    This has been released ahead of Halloween and is pretty much what it states - standard orange but mixed with Vegetable Carbon to make it pitch black in colour. I haven't had Fanta in a while so I'm not sure how far apart from the standard one it is. At first taste it seems a match but as you continue drinking it feels more and more like an off brand one, though the original may be the same thanks to the anti-sugar movement that's ruined many a drink. Broadly successful though given it's genuinely dark.
    3/5 Milkshakes

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    Had a can of Lidl's 330ml 29p cloudy lemonade on the train back from Morecambe. Yeah, it's got a bit of sweetener in but it's smooooth and it's decent and the lemon hit is good.

    For 29p, not bad at all.

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    Recently found out that the Almond Magnum ice creams taste miles better than the regular chocolate ones


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