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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaki Matar View Post
    Calling @JazzFunk. Come in JazzFunk!
    Weapon deployed, over and out.

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    Not only that, someone's gonna chime in and say "but you're comparing pop to Nazi Germany, you ninny, you nincompoop!"

    And you know what I'd say back?????

    "Yes. Yes I am. Nazi Germany."

    And I'd mean it, and my face would be imperious and resolute.

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    And I miss Spira, too. It was my fave choc bar. I never knew it got discontinued, one day I just found out I couldn't buy it anymore and got very sad. I know I ate it lots in 1994.

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    Just thinking about biting into a Spira!

    Huge Happy Face then Even Huger Unhappy Face knowin' that ain't goin' be happ'nin'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JazzFunk View Post
    And I miss Spira, too. It was my fave choc bar. I never knew it got discontinued, one day I just found out I couldn't buy it anymore and got very sad. I know I ate it lots in 1994.
    Would it blow your mind to tell you that you could drink milk through them, like a straw? It didn't always work but when it did, and both out of the fridge, it was pretty awesome for 8 year-old me.

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    I hope they're planning on keeping 330ml cans on the market, those slimline Coke cans they're launched are such a rip-off.

    I'm pretty much solely for original line drinks as well. Diet etc variants always taste awful and it bewilders me as to how anyone could ever prefer them or why there'd be a need for so many especially for something like Coca Cola. Diet, Life, Zero etc pick one dammit.

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    I never liked full fat Coca-cola or Pepsi. TBH I never even tried a Pepsi until went to uni. Pepsi Max is my go-to fizz when needed.

    However I do have a soft spot for Dr Pepper, the diet just tastes awful. I drank way too much of the stuff at school when everyone was getting into Sunny D which I tried once (strawberry flavour randomly) and promptly threw up as I entered school and I swear it stained the yard for weeks. I rarely drink Dr Pepper now, maybe 1-3 times a year?

    I get a craving for Lilt/ 7up or Sprite in the summer but I usually drink Fanta zero when we shop for pop then. Only drink full fat Fanta at Nandos

    Change of snack, did anyone ever eat Mavrick bars? Late 90's/early 2000's I quite liked them but my word they were rich.
    I think they did a sketch about someone stealing some in the comedy series Goodness Gratious Me...
    And Green Boost bars - Boost Guarana. They were really really nice!

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    I'll give Pepsi Max its due. I used to drink it myself. And the limited edition Cino of about 12yrs back tasted awesome with voddy.

    But I find it hard to drink these days. It does the fake sweetness better than 99% of everything else, it's got that softness to the synthetics that's more palatable than the painful chemical sting of Zero on the tongue. Monster Energy uses a teeny bit of sweetener in a clever way, it gives a soft aftertaste like Pepsi Max.

    Dr Pepper I'll have to disagree with. The 'new formula' added chemical sweetener crap, removing about half the sugar and augmenting it with synthetic cackanoids. Nah, don't buy it anymore.

    It used to be my all-rounder. Now I don't touch it anymore. It's sad, real sad.

    Coconut Boosts FTW BTW!!!!!

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    PS For the record, I blast a can of purple Monster on the bus every day.

    Tried a limited one a few weeks back from a petrol station, 'Pipeline Punch' it was called, bright light pink can. Bloody lovely, nicest Monster I've had but haven't seen it since.

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    This is where we're at in 2018:

    You absolute sickening PUSSIES. Potential 8/9p added to Scotland's Premier girder-based fluorescent soft drink per 330ml can if it keeps the shug so they sell it down the river like manginas and ruin a 30yr+ tasty tradition by adding cackanoids AND piss Scots off big style.

    (makes Tim Allen primal noises circa 1994 'Home Improvement').
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