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    I've been trying the Lidl Magnum ripoffs.

    Tbh, the ice cream inside is waaaaaaaay similar, just melts a tad quicker.

    I've tried 4 white chocs and 4 brown.

    To be non-racist, the white wins by at least two acres.

    The brown choc is thin, tastes a tad synthetic. Ruins the Illusion, despite the topadinotcha Magnum ripoff ice cream contained within.

    The white? It's grrrrrreat. The choc is a micromillimetre thicker and the neutral flavour combo *totally* works, the predominant synthetic taste of the brown ripoff bummed it badly, plus the pathetically thin choc...


    (farts loudly and disgustingly and may have shat in me jeanz)

    White choc Lidl Magnum ripoff FTW!!!

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    @Asura hates white chocolate but I don't mind it, will have to try them at some point for ourselves @JazzFunk!

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    Sounds pretty bloody awesome to me

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    Anyone seen an orange Twirl out in the wild yet? I haven’t but really want to try one.

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    Anyone down south get Maxons Yorkshire Mixture in their local Morrisons?

    I'm not talking about the horribly bland 'Dobson's' ones (DON'T buy!!!), I mean the ones that come in a really sh*t-looking powder blue bag. The Maxons Yorkshire Mixture bag is terrible

    Anyway, these are THE best boiled sweets, tangy as fack and the mainstay sweets have not changed in flavour or sugar content *at all* since I was a kid. Been getting these for over 30yrs!

    These are tangy all the way through, amazing, not crap like Toxic Waste where all the tang turns into bland after the first few sucks. These guys know how to use their malic acid.

    I'm not gonna link to their website but they do those sweetshop jars at 23.50 for 3.5kgs. And looking on their site, I realise I've only tastes about 7% of their brilliant, tangy boiled sweets

    Try them, they are brilliant and taste like 100yr old proper beautiful sugary tangy sweets.


    (PS If any Maxons reps spot this post, send us one one of them 3.5kg jars of your Jamaican Limes or Acid Drops me old pal

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    Reason I'm missing my four front teeth, tbh. Maxons abuse. Best boiled sweets ever. They're not even paying me, I just love their sweets and never see them anywhere but they're amazing

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    Not only that...thinking if I eventually lost ALL of my teeth...

    ...then I could still suck on a Maxons...and whittle down its exquisite, tangy flavours with nary a tooth in the maw.

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    Anyhoo, 1 in Morrisons for the Yorkshire Mixture.

    You get enough boiled sweet in that bag to pop in a sock and club someone to death with.

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    Jamaican Limes, btw.

    At some point, I think they were called "West Indian Limes", iirc?

    DISCLAIMER: Sweets cause diabetes, diabetes is a killer, winners don't use drugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armchair Critic View Post
    Anyone seen an orange Twirl out in the wild yet? I haven’t but really want to try one.
    What sorcery do you speak of ?


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