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    Sweet Sensations: The Soda and Snacks Thread

    In the grim shadow of the Sugar tax there's no better time to bring back a forum post-mortem on the wonderful world of chocolate, crisps, cakes and pop drinks that are available, beloved, missed and newly arriving in the world.

    This is a place to give your mini-verdicts of the various sweet tooth tingling and waist band stretching snacks and goodies that you discover or regularly return to.

    This is nicely timed as from the 16th Nestle will be releasing the Ruby Kit Kat in the UK:

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    Personally I miss Spira bars. Anyone else remember those?

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    Dark Chocolate Bounty Bars straight from the fridge.

    I remember my first one. I was going to the rubbish dump with my mum in the car and maybe my dad was there, I was very young and I think I was sat on someones lap when I saw a bar of it near the dash board. I remember hearing it was dark chocolate and not wanting any and someone saying to try it and I just remember thinking it was really nice but...a red bounty?!?

    Always found them hard to get and hardly ate them until my 20's when I would find them in the odd newsagent that time forgot that may have the odd Irn Bru Chew (god I loved those free in the BEANO) and Riesen (the chocolate chew!)

    I found out many years of knowing @Asura that he was a fan of Riesen's as a kid too. I'm not sure if I really liked them at the time, they hurt my jaw chewing! I mainly remember the tune...

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    The Nestle Secret bar was amazing!

    When I go to Japan I always buy loads of the various KitKats that are on sale at that time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asura View Post
    Personally I miss Spira bars. Anyone else remember those?
    Strange. I was just doing a job this afternoon for Be Treatwise and they mentioned Spira bars. It gave me that 'blast from the past' feeling.

    My favourites from yesteryear are Vice Versas. Like Minstrels but dark/white coated white/dark centers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blobcat View Post
    Riesen (the chocolate chew!)
    Wow. Again. I just picked up a bag of these last night. They still have them in Germany (which is where we do our grocery shopping because it's a lot cheaper).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blobcat View Post
    Dark Chocolate Bounty Bars straight from the fridge.
    I would absolutely love to find those regularly in supermarkets around me. Alas these look incredibly rare in both Italy and Switzerland. Which is kinda strange considering the amount of chocolate shops in Switzerland.

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    Riesen's seem to have found a home round our way within pound shops but they haven't changed at all, you're still taking a dental risk every time you bite one.

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    One downer on this note - last night saw previously 3 3x Pack of Pepsi had gone up in price due to the sugar tax. The tax adds around 8p per can to the price meaning that the total cost would mean the multipack rises to 3.64

    The price? 4 - Sod off.

    That and shrinking bottle sizes. Yet, the own brand cheaper 2ltr bottles have magically stayed the same price.

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    I'd rather pay 4 for the pure uncut any day of the week, compared to the alternative (I would rather stop drinking pop).

    It's not like I'm a massive pop drinker, anyway, I just like a nice pop when I fancy it. The joys of a cold, blue Pepsi when you're thirsty on a hot summer's day, the combination of the cold, sugar, fizz, deep brown sexy flavour. NO way can aspartame, acesulfame-K, sucralose, stevia compare. They turn sweet, sexy juices into a replicant form.

    I don't mind paying the extra, they aren't stopping me enjoying a nice drink if I want one. I just hope this doesn't make the availability of full-sugar pops to diminish. Because if that happens, they'll start with sweets next.

    Both my grandads fought bravely in World War 2 to stop this kind of ish.


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