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Thread: Mega Drive Mini

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    Mega Drive Mini

    Seems Japanese version hope Western one like SNES Mini.

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    The article seems to suggest this could be a redesign of one of the existing poor systems.

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    I'm hoping for good hardware that is easily hackable but I expect the ROM selection to be the usual, unimaginative fare SEGA has been feeding us for a while.

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    I hope its quality hardware. It would be dumb of Sega to repackage some Chinese At@Games ****. They need to do this right.

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    Looks odds-on to be a repackaging of the dismal ATGames MD Flashback. Hope I'm wrong about that though.

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    A dream could be, getting back into hardware, means a completely new system.

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    Hope they do this right instead of just putting out another crappy machine. Even though I donít like RPi those mini mds using the usb hub shell with it looked so great, if only they didnít lag so much.

    *edit* looks like it is an AT games production.

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    The hardware looks different from the AT one. It actually looks half decent. Hopefully they don’t mess it up.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    The AT games involvement is troubling to say the least, but the hardware shown is very different. Hopefully Sega will just use the at games ‘technology’ as a starting point. For a 30th anniversary Megadive mini I actually have pretty high hopes, looking forwards to more news.


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