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    That Fist of the North Star Yakuza game

    I'm thinking of snapping this up - there are a few used copies quite cheaply in my local.

    Anyone imported it, or tried it?

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    Dammit, now I'm getting tempted. Regular version only has 3 stars on Amazon Japan.

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    There's a demo up if you want to try it. Shows off a boss battle and some open word stuff.

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    If you've ever imported and enjoyed a previous Yakuza this is a pretty safe buy, based on the demo it's nigh on the same game

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    This looks good, I'm holding out for a PAL release but nothing announced so far. Is it more Yakuza, or Dynasty Warriors like Kens Rage?

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    It has arrived, and I've played through the introduction.

    I've never read the Fist Of The North Star Manga, but anyway, this so far has been the characters from that manga in fights with Yakuza fight mechanics. The story-telling video clips also remind me of the excellent ones in the Yakuza games. And the leveling up system is very similar.

    The voice actor for the protagonist is also the voice of Kazuma Kiryuu.

    Quite fun so far, albeit not what I was expecting. It isn't like Dynasty Warriors so far.

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    It looks more Yakuza so that is what I would be expecting.

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    I've played a bit more, and this is a game with Yakuza mechanics but Fist of the North Star characters and storylines. The fighting is fun, but there was a long series of fetch quests to get what I needed to get into the city.

    If you aren't into the manga, I'm not sure I can recommend this, especially if you don't understand Japanese. I don't like manga myself, but I like to have every game in a series, hence buying this. The violence, which can be set to "mild" for the squeamish, is even more OTT than the Yakuza games. I've always loved the fighting in the series, and it's nice to beat up Mad Max film style goons instead of hosts, chimpira and crooks in Kamurocho. But the storyline is of no interest to me.

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    Looks fun, but I don't know if Ken's Rage sates my FotNS urges still.

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