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    laptop for sale. Boxed 17'' screen Intel I7 16Gb ram 256gb SSD 1Tb Hdd Nvidia 785

    I'm selling my spare laptop as it isn't needed and although i could use it the other half is 'suggesting' that I let it go.

    Ill drop a couple of pictures of the spec list verified by steam below but the quick line is;

    Boxed, original packing
    17'' screen
    Intel I7
    16Gb ram
    256gb SSD
    1Tb Hdd
    Nvidia 785

    it can quite happily run the likes of battlefield etc and lately Id been using it to play escape from Tarkov as well as editing video.

    I can ship it or collection is fine obviously shipping will be at the buyers cost and preferred service but Id suggest an insured service.

    Price wise Id like 400 ono

    Any other questions give me a shout and Ill do my best to get back to you ASAP.

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    How much does it weigh?
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    just under 3.2kg. my scales aren't great so the reading fluctuated a little between 3180g and 3160g. odd though it doesn't feel that heavy in the hand. hope that it helps.

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    hi brad.

    The laptop was a custom build from overclockers, as I needed a particular spec at the time for video and image work as well as playing a few games. As such it doesn't really have say a retail model number like an off the peg laptop.

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    got one or two on my phone, can get some more if its helpful.

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