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    Last race was brillant, v-twins a full line up of kawasakis, apart from a lone italian Patton bike riden by a young lad. Got to the first long stretch, and there was like five or six kawasakis in a tight group, all slip streaming each other flat out, and this little green Patton just bombed past them like they were standing still.

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    NW200 live all day on BBC NI website! Beats watching the royal weeding!

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    Race 2 of the 2019 F1 Championship today. What. A. Race!

    i think this has the potential to be a great season. And, I hope, a new champion will be crowned at the end of the season.

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    Yeah, it was class, and bodes well for the season. ***SPOILERS*** It was a shame for Leclerc but great to see Hamilton racing hard when he needed to.

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    That’s the best F1 race in years. Vettel must be looking across the garage at his new teammate having flashbacks to how Ricciardo got the best of him at Red Bull.
    Good to see the McLaren performance is improving too.
    Hopefully this will be a good season with closer racing.

    Anyone else watching the Formula E? The new car has made a big difference. Far better racing so far this season shame about all the post race penalties though. With works teams from Mercedes and Porsche next year this series is only going to get better.

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    Bit of a by the numbers race but Alex Albon dragging his way from a P20 pit lane start up to P10 was the highlight.
    I think the Toro Rosso is better car than people realise this season.

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    Another F1 procession but let’s see how things are at the old school circuits. The Formula E in Rome was better with some very close racing. And last weekends BTCC meet was great too. The new 3 series seems to be a very good fit for the touring cars.


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