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    Formula 1 (and other Motorsport)

    I'm presuming the previous thread disappeared in the recent great Charles forum reset cock-up, so without further ado...

    Well, what an F1 season it's been so far! Vettel lucked into a win in the first race due to a VSC and won the second due to bravery by Ferrari with the risky strategy of pushing the tyres beyond their expected limit. And then an unexpected win for Ricciardo in an eventful Shanghai GP.

    Alonso has been driving well beyond the ability of his car and we saw a very impressive drive from Gasly in Bahrain. I have high hopes that this will be a fascinating season and that the new owners of F1 will take the sport in the right direction.

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    Touring cars on itv4 on a sunday is where the real action is at.

    Although coming up is the NW200, which is shown expertly on online by bbc northern ireland. Then after the NW200, it’s the mighty IOM TT!

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    I've been an F1 fan since I was a kid and I always will be, through the good eras and the bad, I never miss a race.

    After a dismal start in Melbourne the season is starting to get interesting now, with a number of contenders and possibilities (and some actual racing ).

    Quote Originally Posted by vanpeebles View Post
    Touring cars on itv4 on a sunday is where the real action is at.
    I used to love touring cars about 20 years ago but lost interest in it for some reason. I'll have to catch a few races and see what I'm missing. Right now I'd say the best racing action out there is MotoGP. It just gets better and better every season. The last race was outstanding (Marquez losing his mind and Crutchlow winning).

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    It's really strange because I like fast and pretty cars, but find most motorsports are boring loops.

    I enjoy unusual disciplines like Autotest, which is people hooning around in Minis, Caterhams and other small cars around a course that needs you to go forward and reversing through gates.

    I also quite like hill climb events.

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    Well that was quite a breathless qualifying session! Could have been a couple of nasty crashes, particularly with Gasly/Hartley. Fair play to Hartley for acknowledging how badly he screwed it up.

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    Full days BTCC today, 30 odd cars all flying through Craner Curves, awesome!

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    The excitement from F1 qualy has carried over to the race. I think this could be a cracker!

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