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Thread: God Of War PS4

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    Maybe its a case of expecting something ground breaking and revolutionary when at its heart its just a really really good version of this type of game with nice graphics, decent storytelling and a fun world to explore. There have been a few times recently where hype has got away from me and pushed me to see a certain film or play a game that maybe i wouldn't be bothered about normally, so i go in expecting to be blown away and come away disappointed when its not something revolutionary just a really good example of that genre.

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    Trying to get on with this but I’m struggling TBH.

    Like past games, I REALLY don’t like the way Sony Santa Monica do combat.
    I personally think this game has issues with combat, which make it a chore to play.

    Firstly the camera is locked behind Kratos, this means any enemy that wanders off to the side, or more likely the game just throws too many enemies at you, you have no good way to see what’s happening around you without with having to mash backdash constantly until you can get everyone in frame.

    Also, because of this camera system, you can’t block anything that isn’t right in front of you so if an enemy attacks you from the side (VERY likely) you get hit. Again this just forces you away from combat

    These things force you back to the point that combat becomes long range and you find yourself constantly just throwing your axe because you’ve backed right off.

    Some of their game design is straight out of 1995 too!
    I’m at a bit where I’m on a lift and enemies jump on and I have a set amount of time to get them off otherwise the lift gets too heavy and it falls. Lame design IMO and makes the already questionable combat even worse.

    The game itself looks stunning and the cinematic sequences are amazing.
    I’m just not personally sure I can stand the 20 mins of combat to get 2 mins of beautiful cinematic.

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    At the point where I've just went to another realm, the combat is becoming more fluid but still struggling on levels with multiple enemies especially the more armoured baddies and those revenants can suck my balls

    Also don't like using the L1 in conjunction with O/R1/R2 and it doesn't always work like using L1/R2 to freeze close enemies and I end up just throwing my axe

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    I'm glad I'm not the only one underwhelmed by this. I'm maybe 4 or 5 hours in. It's good, but it's nothing special or remotely original. I've lost interest in the plot, can't be arsed with all the upgrades and am frustrated with facing the wrong way when fighting multiple enemies. The whole **** dad thing isn't interesting me either. As much as the franchise needed a new direction I'm longing for something epic to happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Monkey Balls View Post
    I'm glad I'm not the only one underwhelmed by this. I'm maybe 4 or 5 hours in. It's good, but it's nothing special or remotely original. I've lost interest in the plot, can't be arsed with all the upgrades and am frustrated with facing the wrong way when fighting multiple enemies. The whole **** dad thing isn't interesting me either. As much as the franchise needed a new direction I'm longing for something epic to happen.
    Someone at work told me that it's mostly a walking simulator.

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    I'm really enjoying it. It looks gorgeous and the combat has really clicked now that I've unlocked a load of new stuff.

    The only thing that I'm having issues with is the Enchantments. How CE I can sell some but not others? Even though they're not equipped I can't seem to unload them.

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    I think the game is fab and I'm glad to see an AAA that is very linear and doesn't look to go open world. Its not a patch on the 1st game, both for story and combat mind. In fact Combat is a massive step backwards for me, but the game is still ace fun.

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    For those complaining the combat is to simple you just need to learn a few moves and not just hammer r1 or r2 constantly, its very much like monster hunter combat wise yes you can just do basic combos and refuse to learn how the weapon works, but your gonna have a hard time if you do. Their is a massive amount of moves and strategy that you can employ if you look into it, and learning how to use the axe effectively is very rewarding, I've unlocked pretty much all the extra moves and have access to a fair few decent combos and some of the stuff you can do is brutal. Two combos id highly recommend are

    The cleave attack, this is just brutal and pretty Awesome for doing damage, Hold down just R2 and let go when the enemy's near by and you bring the axe down really really hard, if there energy is around a quarter you get all sorts of kill animations whether its slicing them in half removing their head or repeatedly hacking them nearly clean in half.

    Axe slam combo R1 R1 R1 R2 sees you do three quick attacks and a slam attacks that knocks everything back, i then do a running charge and jumping slam this pretty much finishes off weaker enemy's, and takes huge chunks off stronger enemy's

    Another good tip is know when to block and when to roll, red attacks are unblockable and tend to leave the enemy open so a roll and a follow up combo tends to leave you with the upper hand. Orange attacks can be blocked but i always parry, hitting block just as the hit is about to land sees you knock the enemy back and leaves them open for a really nice combo. Mix the above in with your runic attacks, summons, axe throws and stuns, and your not gonna be doing some crazy damage

    Pay attention to your Armour too it has a level attached to it your overall power level is made up of a combination of all your Armour levels, so if everything has a base level of 4 your current lvl is 4, you can buff levels by upgrading it, or by slotting gems. its really is as basic as that and its well worth upgrading and re-slotting gems to give you a boost. Everything in the world has a lvl next to their energy bar so if your lvl 4 and come across a lvl 6 that enemy is two levels above you power wise so will hit a lot harder

    The walking sim comment above is idiotic its like saying Legend of Zelda is a walking sim, its an adventure game, the combat the puzzles and the exploration are pretty close to how a Zelda game plays out maybe that's why i'm enjoying it so much. I'm a massive zelda fan, the realms are like Zelda dungeons right up to the point that they finish with a boss and unlock new ability's after you beat each one
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    I'm now in the last 15-20%, past a point that will stand out for many players and without spoilers - Nothing has changed my mind, it's hard locking into 8/10 territory the more I play and in places even feels a little too drawn out with too much fetch questing deviation.

    I'm somewhat puzzled by the love the story gets, this is a far less likeable tale than 1-3 ran even if Kratos is less of a douche in this, the relationship with his son is fine but there's nothing new or nuanced about it and it doesn't really go anywhere for much of the game as Kratos remains pretty two dimensional. His son may gleam one or two new details about his father but the player doesn't learn anything. From a narrative perspective I'd say the game is fine but like LOU, it could only ever be considered as great because the bar in gaming is so severely low. I've enjoyed it but I'm getting ready for it to end.

    The game has improved in the fun stakes since

    the Blades of Chaos are re-introduced, instantly it just became so much more fun to play however it did also highlight that the often praised underlying gameplay is still the same old one underneath as it immediately played the same as GOW3 again. Not an issue but it re-enforced the hyperbolic feeling the hype has for the title

    I'm already finding myself at a place where I'd happily play a sequel but I'd want the above spoilered part to apply to the whole game, the enemies scaled up so Kratos doesn't spend the game feeling so nerfed in comparison to the previous entries and for them to have a proper think about how they interpret the further Nordic mythology designs as the Norse characters and monsters here are fine but don't rival the scale or appeal of their Greek predecessors. Only one fight has come close in all I've played and that would have been in the intro of past games.

    I do get the approach, GOW3 undersold the Gods because they rushed the delivery and in doing so reduced them to fodder for Kratos. Here everything is a threat but it's created the inverse of nerfing Kratos portrayal who struggles to topple monsters he once would have taken down in the dozens.

    I dunno, I'd find it hard to not recommend it to anyone with a PS4 - It is very good at what it delivers
    But anyone saying best Game of all Time? Likely haven't played much. GOTY? Maybe right now but it'll get topped.
    I'd be willing to have a proper think on whether it's in the top 10 games available on PS4, that's about the praise level I'd see it as.

    Oh, and no more boats in the next game please

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    By the time God of war 3 came round i was really bored with the series id played and finished both the psp versions and the first two main console entry's but only played about half of God of war 3. I'm glad they have gone a different route with this and added weight and heft to the combat.

    I'm really enjoying the exploration too, they can keep the boat for me its a way to get around a larger area quicker and add scale to the world, i enjoyed listening to Kratos tell his really blunt story's and now we have the New NPC filling us in on Norse mythology, overall the voice acting is superb here and I'm really enjoying being in this world.


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