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Thread: God Of War PS4

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    Aye to echo earlier comments the whole MMORPG of adding ruins etc, I couldn't give a toss about being honest those type of games have not vee interested me

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    Quote Originally Posted by buster_broon View Post
    Aye to echo earlier comments the whole MMORPG of adding ruins etc, I couldn't give a toss about being honest those type of games have not vee interested me
    It's not as if their hard to understand, and they add another layer to the way you attack, runic attacks are always on the same button combos too

    R1+R1 Light Runic Attack
    R1+R2 Heavy Runic Attack
    R1+ 0 Defensive Runic Attack

    Armour runes again are pretty simple its not as if its some deep multilayered system that is hard to understand you have passive effects, that you stick on your Armour and that's it your not bombarded with them so its a nice when you get a good one. how tricky is it to understand that this rune gives you a +15 defense buff when its called the rune of medium defense and its says in the flavor text this rune gives you a 15% defense boost.

    This thread though wow what a bunch you lot are sometimes i feel at the moment like the only one enjoying this and am massively in the minority of people who think this is a good game on borders, here's a list of the complaints so far from you misery's

    "the combat is to hard enemy's keep hitting me in the back instead of lining up and waiting for me to attack them one by one like they did on the PS2"
    "i haven't learnt any combos and am just ignoring the other buttons and hitting everything with the heavy attack button, its taking an age to kill everything why is their no depth to the combat"
    "i don't want to level up my character or mess about with runes"
    "I don't want a way to explore the game boat anoy me"
    "i want to seem more god like how come i can only take 10 hits off this giant ****ing frost troll that's using a stone monolith as a club "
    "i don't care about the story in this story driven game i just want to hit stuff"
    hopefully you lot will take this in good humor but i bet i get some critique about how my post is to long or rambly or poorly formatted

    2 out of 10
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    Ooooh! My mates clubbed together and got em this for my birthday! I can't believe I'll have played TWO games released this year!

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    Finished up now and a definite 8/10 effort. Great for those who have clearly taken strongly to the game but I feel no compulsion go gathering end game content, it does go on a little too long and the finale is an anti-climax. Like Horizon, the ground work is here for a strong follow up as long as they remain ambitious but definitely the Norse mythology is weaker than the Greek and at its core it's more of the same. Game of the Year... for now.

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    I did it i found something i don't like about this game, mild non story spoiler ahead,

    The fire realm opens up pretty early on and to me feels really tacked on, a piece of game design from the dark ages of video games, designed to prolong the game in the most arcane way possible the dreaded challenge arena. so yeah The entire realm is just a series of increasingly tedious challenges arenas, complete three challenges and move ahead to the next area. with the main goal to do clear all 6 arenas and reach to the top of a volcano.

    The challenges and i use this word loosely are things like
    kill all these enemy but there health constantly regenerates.
    Kill all enemy's but they re-spawn if you don't kill them together.
    Kill enemy's but stand in a circle,
    kill all enemy's but stop your son getting kidnapped.

    we seeing a pattern here

    The worst one I've come across so far at lvl 4 is the kill 100 enemy's, that all seem to spawn really slowly so you spend most of the battle stood about waiting for them to show up, that's 20 minutes of my life I'm not getting back.

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    For me it doesn't as I said I don't care about those type of games or plus one luck

    You seemed to use the words easy and understand, I get it fine I just can't be arsed with it

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    It's not a new thing adding Armour and customization options to a game like this, having a leveling structure, Armour upgrades and new skills to equip gives the game a feeling of progression like you've been on a journey and are becoming more powerful.

    It also adds a reason to explore the world, its not even as if its new to the series the original god of war did this sort of stuff and let you level and unlock new skills. This is all really basic stuff for a game like this, do you also moan about racing games having gears or shooting games having different guns as at the moment it seems like your moaning for moaning sake.

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    I'm enjoying it.
    Currently just unlocked

    the magic chisel thingy

    , so I think i'll do some backtracking.

    It's not massively original (reminds me a lot of the Tomb Raider reboots, which I also enjoyed).
    The combat occasionally feels like a chore (R buttons don't help).

    It's one of the few games that has had me recharge my DS4 mid-play though. That's a good sign, right?

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    Still playing it and enjoying it but generally just going around trying to find stuff

    Combat wise I still think it's not the best, it's certainly better than I originally thought especially when you start leveling up and your son is so helpful in combat especially juggling enemies

    About to release my 2nd dragon (hopefully)

    As for the RPG elements it still sucks and not Interested, most I want to do is make molotov cocktails and shivs

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    Just beaten my first valkyrie after about 5 goes

    Really intense fight, only found it by messing about

    Only at tyr's vault


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