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    PlayStation 4 Pro Boxed 165

    Price includes delivery with the UK, payment by PayPal gift or Bank transfer.

    PlayStation 4 Pro Black, boxed with all included accessories. Very good condition, working fully. 155 was 165 Pending to chipsandgravy

    This is not the newer quieter version

    Final Fantasy VII remake PS4 UK in like new condition 25 Sold to fishbowlhead
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    Nope, same again as the last link you posted (in the Show your gaming set up thread).

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    That's fine now. I noticed the bottom pads are torn - any chance of pics of the inside? I'd be interested to know if the HDMI signal is from a custom FPGA, a development board or just an off the shelf RGB/composite to HDMI converter.

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    I really don’t want to open it up in case a damage something, sorry

    You could ask Neotropolis himself, he might give you the info
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    I checked with Neotropolis and he said it's just an RGB to HDMI converter inside the console. I'd still be interested, as I'm working on my own digital HDMI version and the HDMI port looks nice and clean.

    Edit: Just saw it was on hold for DaytimeDreamer. Let me know if this has gone through or not.


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