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Thread: Star Trek XV

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    Star Trek XV

    That's right, Paramount appears to be doubling down on the Star Trek franchise at last having yesterday confirmed that another Star Trek entry is in the works on top of the already gestating potentially Tarantino involved Star Trek XIV.

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    It now appears that this entry may well be the Tarantino one but also that it could eventually be revealed to not be Star Trek XV but instead the first movie spin-off of the franchise.

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    Simon Pegg confirms that Tarantino's entry is Star Trek XV

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    As much as I like Tarantino's movies, I really don't think it's a good fit for the Trek franchise.

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    That spoof trailer will likely be better than the Tarantino Star Trek movie.

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    Pegg has commented on this entry suggesting that Tarantino's project may be 5-6 years away at the least due to the directors work slate and hints that it's a direct sequel, not a spin-off


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